Sunday, 17 March 2013

Having a gander at...

my Glass's guide of gardening I try to discover the 
root of my little problem...
Droop, wilt, sag, slump or slouch.

The seeds that have germinated have romped away then
suddenly keeled over.
The tomatoes I blogged about a couple of days ago are
hanging on by the slimmest of threads.

Should I ask Ted to go in disguise to our local
garden centre and ask if they sell
plant Viagra?

Have I made them too cosy, by not opening the greenhouse 
on the cold snowy days?

This gardening lark is a nightmare; it's one area in my life in
which I usually flourish.

Alright, I admit, I have made the hammock, gin and tonic
sort a speciality, but still...

I can feel a premium rate number coming on...
The helpline of that famous
Welsh gardening guru
Dai Bach.


  1. Just looked outside - it's SNOWING again. It isn't your fault. There is no hope for seedlings this year!

    1. I wouldn't mind but I had such grand plans this year... cutting garden flowers in the main beds and veg in the raised.

      At least the frogs are producing, we'll have home-ground babies for the first time.

      Sad isn't it, how narrow my horizons have become. I blame Lettice!