Thursday, 21 March 2013

'Times are bad. Children no longer...

obey their parents and
everyone is writing a blog.'
Cicero, circa 43 BC
or words to that effect!

I've had a fit with my leg in the air,
by way of sorting out my studio.
To call it a studio is perhaps a little
ostentatious, although a liberal pinch of
pixie-dust never hurt a girl.

Let's cut to the chase...
I can't draw, I can't paint, I can't sew
and to add insult to injury with my arthritic thumb
I can't even pretend I can!

This year I've hardly ever darkened my studio door.
Unless we have visitors, then all gunge and crud is shoved
into my magic cupboard.
The beds are made, the shower room is Vimmed to within an inch of its life
and all is good in my artists retreat.
On visiting Charleston I quietly lust after the skills required to have a
proper studio.  Or in their glorious case an improper one...


The closest I get is a pelmet, the work of
Duncan Grant who designed it with curtain fabric to match in 1931.
The original fabric can be seen in the Garden Room at Charleston.
The material I made the wall hanging from, is some that I think,
was copied in the seventies.
Mine hangs in our oak room...

A cat may look at a king

I've finally got around to sorting out the studio,
driven not in some small part, by the fact we have friends coming to stay
at the weekend.

Who would think sorting out photographs and a little light feather dusting
 would hurt a thumb?
Such a piffling thing; such a piss-poor result.


Diary and Studio of a Nobody!

All fur coat and no knickers!


  1. I have just read your post and unfortunately I remember Vim, I didn't know they still made it! Your tidying looks very neat! You are very creative Linda you just don't appreciate that you are! jayne x

  2. I can create a mess, thats my claim to fame!

    Your mojo goes, you realise you're not as good as you'd like to be, you think you're not as good as you oughta be, but thats all fine too just don't beat yourself up about it (unless you enjoy doing that that instead).
    Take a break from trying...but don't take a break from blogging cos I'd miss you!

    1. Elaine, I must get some perverse pleasure from knocking myself... don't ask me why? And yes sometimes I think I'm not even good at blogging, although I enjoy it and as I keep telling myself I'm doing it for me! Thank you for your encouragement.


  3. For all your protestations that is the studio of an imaginative soul!
    Tell me, is an "oak room" like wot aristos have in their medieval manor houses??? It sounds very posh.

    1. Aristo with pretensions of commonality, and love of wrong words, that are strangely right calling... 'Fraid so Nilly, not content with an Oak Room, I've also got a Winter Room. My snobbery has never been more introverted!?!


      P.S. My next post is going to be about Rapunzel Towers...thanks Nilly, I wos wondering wot to write today.

  4. Vim eh? Nanny used to dust us with the stuff just before we went off to school. She swore by it.

    I tidied up once. Didn't enjoy it, can't see the point.

    1. What rude words did she use I wonder... Ajax?