Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Biker boots a Go Go...

As I contemplate my face in the mirror of my gleaming
toe-caps, I get to thinking...
What next to do for badness?
A constant refrain that reverberates around our

This picture was taken before Ted worked his magic

Highly polished and biker boots don't seem to be
be the cosiest of bedfellows.

As I enter yet another phase in my life as a
National Trust Garden Guide,
Ted has taken it upon himself... Keeper of the Biker Boots.
With mirror toes I stride officially down and round,
through and over the garden ground.
Ignorance escorts my every step.
Sitting in the sun, I swot; as visitors hove into view, 
I smile and say hello, we're on a roll... easy tiger! 
Before you know it chapter and verse will issue forth.
It's a good job I don't talk a lot?  

Contently I sit thinking, four hours outside in the fresh air,
must be good for the muscles; brain as well as bod.

In the past as I've donned my boots, I've acquired the mind set
of a pimply youth.  As if by magic plain walls and railway lines
have developed a fascination... Art by any other name.
Tinnies and fags, hoodies, belching loudly and swearing,
as if by magic take hold.

Now by the over zealous use of boot black I'm snuffed and buffed,
spit and polish never tasted so fecking dire.
Stropping round in bright boovers just aint the same.
Pity innit?

Meanwhile, as the internal battle takes place, I'm mincing up to my potager 
to till the soil, in my poncy flowery wellies with matching trowel and gloves.
A little light hoeing is in order methinks?

Lin... just don't give in to the grey...
'orrible suits you so much better.


  1. Where did you find that photo of me??? (I've been through two transformations since my biker boot days - first bright red bovver boots and now prissy Mary Poppins lace-ups. Even flatties can be fun!)

    1. Ooh bright red boovers... you style icon, you!


  2. Hilarious Linda, was hoping for an 'after' image once Ted has worked his magic. Keep on rocking!

    1. Wait 'til Monday morning then I'll take the photo, before I traipes oft into the snowy waste of Kent to the N.T.


  3. Oh I loved your post it really made me smile!

    1. Hi Willow, glad you liked it, and enough to sign up for the hairy, scary trip into the sunset of darkest Kent. Tickets please!