Friday, 8 March 2013

Can somebody tell me how...

to put on the bottom of each blog post...
'you might also like'.

I've seen it on other folk's blogs and really like the idea.
Is it a 'spin the bottle' type random selection
chosen by the blog god?

Ted back from Tai Chi has breezed in saying
'You got bloggers block?'
'Block' I said 'Not bott!'
although I should own up to both.

Usually my blog posts just explode, 
I rush to the laptop as if in the grip of gripes.

Blogging now is the only thing I can do without causing
my arithic thumb to throb.
Oh the joys of old age.


Bustling down the back alley,
well to be strictly honest in these fecking lying times...
I crept, courtesy of our very ancient dog Lettice,
who we love dearly.  She usually enjoys catching up with the village news
via the wees, widdles and other hot off the press postings.
Not today though, could it have been the rain?

Biker boots morphed into brothel creepers.

Pickfords snails moving home, shot past in the fast lane.
Life in this corner of Kent is dreary and dreek.
My time just two days ago,
 sat in the directors chair, feet on a flowerpot surveying
my pristine potager...  seemed a dim and distant memory.
This winter has seemed interminable; I used to crack on about enjoying each
season, my internal padding keeping me cosy...
not anymore!

The lads from Living Forest
are tackling our huge ancient hedge.

think this was taken last year?

Slipping and sliding up the garden with tea and best bickies, clutching photo
of hedge only a couple of summers ago.
'This is how low we want it, in order for us to once again see  
Bedgebury Forest and the Weald... just like we did in the old days.'

photo's taken summer 2011

When we bought the cottage ten years ago we had no idea of the extent of the garden.
Imagine our surprise on discovering
Kent's answer to the Lost Gardens of Heligan.

I tried to crop the photo of the yellow trug... and failed! 

Slowly I've made a veg plot, complete with greenhouse bought on ebay.

Last year not one sunflower graced us with its presence.

This year with a larger pond and the sighting already of one frog,
we await the patter of tiny webbed feet.

Lying in the hammock on balmy summer days I dream
dreams of Gertrude Jekyll proportions, or near neighbour Vita,
without the jodphurs obviously.
Sleepily I reach for a highball of Pimms...
my kind of gardening.

Happy Lazy Days.


  1. Aaaah - beautiful Kent!
    I love the sunflower photos - those images will keep me going when I'm dashing up & down a Lincolnshire airfield on Monday - temperatures predicted to not rise above freezing (and to feel like -9).

  2. Love love love your garden, but as I am more likely to be disposed as in your final paragraph perhaps it's as well I only have a postage stamp!! Have no idea how the 'you might also like' appears on blogs....mine included, unless it is part of the template you choose. Not aware I ever added anything myself. But then I am an old bird and could just have forgotten!