Sunday, 10 March 2013

Unexpurgated love is...

"not feeling sad when you get a card on Mother's day,
when you really wanted flowers, choccies and luncheon at
le Gavroche.

Warming the bed on her side before she climbs in.

Using her lady shave new blades on your chin, in order that she doesn't 
chain-saw massacre her legs.

Taking her to the Garden Centre to choose plants for the new pond
and feigning interest.

Boredom not crossing your face, when you hear the story for 
the umpteenth time.

Not minding in the least when she 26 times, falls in love with totally inappropriate men, who nine times out of ten are gay.

Hearing the words...
'I think I'll paint the kitchen!'
knowing what she really means is...
'You paint the kitchen'.

'I think I'll wash the car!'

Not minding when she says
'What time do you want dinner?'
Then her cooking it, to her timetable.

Saying what you thought she wanted the hear,
only to discover you'd got it wrong again!

Lying when asked
'Does my bum look big in this?'

Not saying when she's spent hours doing her hair
'Aren't you going to comb your hair before we go out?'
Which once happened!

Reminder to self...
Must move away from my fixation with
pulled through a hedge backwards hairstyles.

Turning a blind eye to pop-socks.

Offering to get the lunch when she's busy blogging.

Not minding being featured in the blog.

Sweeping the leaves off the lawn when you'd
really rather be reading the Sunday papers.

Telling her she's light on her feet rocking...
when she's anything but.

Putting your foot down when it really matters.

Have you any to add?


We sat across the dinner table, the candlelight glinted on the tear in his eye.

'Let's raise a glass to our mothers!'

As our glasses chinked, he thought of his, always serving onion sauce with roast lamb.
I thought of mine, standing on the kitchen step, whisking egg white on a dinner plate with a knife; testing for firmness, by upending the plate over her head.

We raised our glasses and remembered.


  1. This is funny and very familiar ( especially the hair combing incident...)

    As my children all live far away around the globe they'll be no visits and I banned Interflora and expensive posted chocs long ago. Prefer to see their much loved faces on FB and read their regular long chatty emails. But Mr EM will be opening a bottle of fizz just before treating me to the rugby match on TV this afternoon. Cosy being just the two of us again...Cx

  2. Think you just about covered everything Linda - oh except being told your roots need doing desperately (he's taller than me and got better eyesight!}x

  3. My mother whisked egg whites like that too - and could toss pancakes with athletic grace; not to mention her juggling turn with the contents of the fruit bowl!
    (Gosh - Ted is PERFECT!Where did you find him?)