Tuesday, 11 January 2011

This is the tipple of choice...

although I do try to show some restraint. Not easy for a girl of my rubenesque proportions.
I've had a lovely day today, first day back at school. I've amazed myself at how without really trying (well, very trying if you ask Debs) I have made a superb cushion with piping.
Now I'd be the first to admit that when teacher suggested I do it properly I could feel the bubble of (no, not hunger pains) a strop stirring in me vitals. As I'm aiming for perfection this year I quickly tapped it down and meekly DID AS I WAS TOLD! Now I wouldn't tell anyone this but as nobody stumbles upon my blog I can rest easy sharing this with YOU.
Clutching the finished article to my chest I proudly took it home to show Hubs. The temptation to celebrate was great. However, even I was pretty hard pushed to find the excuse of a newly made cushion to crack open a bottle.


  1. Go on spoil yourself!
    If you had put a picture of your cushion, others would say the same. It was a job well done!

  2. Lets' see it then!
    Hope you indulged in a fizzy fruit juice at least!
    Just to say nothing has ever arrived in the post, maybe your parcel go lost in the Christmas mountain of mail?!
    Lisa x