Monday, 17 January 2011

Having lovely day...

sorting out treasures for my kitsch pitch at our fair.
I have the most wonderful utility room which boasts a log-burning stove; cupboards and shelves galore; which over the eight years I've been here, I've stuffed full of treasures.
Being a Violet Elizabeth sort of a lass, I don't do sharing. How oh how, am I going to part with my stash? I'm exactly the same with my material cupboard in the studio. I sniff, I stroke, I open up and admire, then oh so carefully fold and replace.

I've ordered ink cartridges, I've written a press release, answered emails, taken the dog for a walk in the rain. Spoken to many and various folk on the phone. Found time to comment on a blog or two. I'm doing this post. In fact I'm seriously worried I am in grave danger of becoming dynamical.
Just the thought has made the sofa and my current book beckon...........

1 comment:

  1. Go sit on the sofa with your book - tomorrow is another day - you can do the sorting out then!