Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Prayer Flags are Us...

P.p.p. Pick up a Penguin...

if you've still got any Christmas money or book tokens 
(just thought of Luncheon Vouchers, do they still do them I wonder?) 
{LL don't go off at a tangent}
 treat yourself to...
Drum roll.....
'No Way Down"
Life and Death on K2
by Graham Bowley.

The sofa has me in its grasp again.  I'm transported to high altitude.  
I'm enthralled by the mystery as to why they do it.
The other night reading in bed with just my nose poking out of the down-filled duvet, it felt soo cold.  Later I dreamt I was on K2; I woke the following morning fully expecting to have frost bite on me sniffer.

Enough blogging I've got some serious crampon crunching to carry out.

Oh, and a view of the sofa before the sofa suckers (they're like sink plungers only bigger) have me in their grasp.

These are the cushions I've been making at Deb's class, the middle one is the one I made today.  I'm seriously worried that I'm raiding my fabric stash and I don't really like it.
And even though I say it myself - in class today - I have been GOOD!


  1. A bit quiet too - for a change...AND we didn't have a little paddy today either (complete with footstamping and the odd expletive).
    Another great cushion produced though - watch this space for the next one folks!
    PS. She's a good pupil really - keeps me on my toes!

  2. Those cushions look so comfy. lovely fabrics too.
    Lisa x