Wednesday, 12 January 2011

If you could eat books...

this is the one I would 'plump' for every cotton-picking day...
a veritable feast for the eyes, the senses, the brain, the bod.
The lovely Wend from ticking stripes recommended it; the nano-second I read her blog my hot-line to the mighty AMAZON roared through cyber space, an order was placed and although I had to wait until yesterday to get my mitts on it - Wow! Was it worth the wait or wot?

The down-side to the mighty tome is how awfully naff I feel my home is!

But wait...
my giant hogweed thingy bobby might, just might be given house room in the home of Sibella Court.


  1. Just read your comment on my blog regarding your photo. Honestly I'm not sure. Are you signed up with them? Perhaps if you have used the same email to sign up to them as your Facebook/twitter/flickr account it could be practise for them to lift a photograph from there but I'm really not sure.

    Not doing something filthy in it are you? wink wink

  2. Thanks Mrs T, I am, as you have probably guessed a blogging blockhead. Months ago I found a blog about a pound shop aficionado and might have unwittingly got tangled up with feedjit there. I never found her page again, although after my visit to her blog I started getting daily emails from them. I didn't think anymore about it until yesterday when I looked at a blog I've never visited before and voila there was a photo of me as a visitor. Facebook/twitter/flickr? Easy Tiger... I'm the BLOOMING new girl around here. AND NO, unfortunately I wasn't doing anything naughty! LLX