Thursday, 20 January 2011

Her feet beneath her petticoat...

Like little mice, stole in and out,
As if they feared the light.

Aren't they just adorable slipper dippers?
With wings on their heels they arrived this afternoon.
We have the most wonderful shop in Tunbridge Wells called Shoon.
It sells shoes.
To call it a shoe shop sort of misses the point, although in fairness it does mainly sell footwear.
My feet aren't my best feature, well to be honest I'm beggered if I know what is?
Anyhow last year from this wonderful emporium I bought some Wolky sandals and everywhere I went people would stop me on the street. Sitting outside pavement cafes from Camden to Cleethorpes folk would walk on by, only to retrace their steps to feast their eyes on my tootsies.
"Excuse me!"  I knew what was coming next.
"I hope you don't mind me asking but where did you get those shoes?"
Like the Pied blooming Piper I trolled along with folk falling at my feet (slight exaggeration!)
Who was I to grumble, I ask you?
Yesterday I thought I'd better bob in to Shoon and see what new seasons excitements await my public this summer.
In the sale, these adorable slippers were awaiting my pleasure. Trouble was, the only pair in the shop was a size 3. After drying my eyes, the very kind lady said that she would phone to see if their other shop in the Royal spa town of Leamington Spa had a pair in my size.
They did; and can you believe that less than 24 hours later my feet are shod in velvet, purple at that!


  1. They are beautiful. Great customer service too.
    Lisa x

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  3. Warning - When I Am an Old Woman I Shall Wear Purple by Jenny Joseph

    When I am an old woman, I shall wear purple
    with a red hat that doesn't go, and doesn't suit me.
    And I shall spend my pension on brandy and summer gloves
    and satin candles, and say we've no money for butter.
    I shall sit down on the pavement when I am tired
    and gobble up samples in shops and press alarm bells
    and run my stick along the public railings
    and make up for the sobriety of my youth.
    I shall go out in my slippers in the rain
    and pick the flowers in other people's gardens
    and learn to spit.

    You can wear terrible shirts and grow more fat
    and eat three pounds of sausages at a go
    or only bread and pickles for a week
    and hoard pens and pencils and beer nuts and things in boxes.

    But now we must have clothes that keep us dry
    and pay our rent and not swear in the street
    and set a good example for the children.
    We must have friends to dinner and read the papers.
    But maybe I ought to practice a little now?
    So people who know me are not too shocked and surprised
    When suddenly I am old, and start to wear purple.

    Dear Lettice, I can imagine this of you, many years hence, I hasten to add xxx

  4. Dear Debs, Did I ever tell you I love you?
    As old Kenny Everett would say "All in the best possible taste!"
    To have sat and typed that is the mark of a true friend. LLX

  5. Cut and paste! Anything to do with Shippams?