Saturday, 15 January 2011

Home thoughts from a broad...

sat on the Saturday sofa..

Alright, alright I should be galvanising Debs into action with reference to our forthcoming...
wait for it...
(never one to pass up on a chance for promotion me!)

I know, I know if you want something done ask a busy person. Trouble is, I'm an ideas wallah and laying horizontal on the sofa is a vital part of the thoughts process.

Trouble is the thinking part of my brain got to thunking about...
rice pudding and dried peas - like you do!
(Must try to remember not to pepper my prose with exclamation marks. Apart from everything else it's common. I am fully aware that I write EXACTLY as I talk - cliched twaddle).

At my favouritish supermarket - Waitrose I bought some pudding rice with a view to making a rice pudding.
Hold tight, we'll get there in a minute.

This is a picture of my lovely Grandad Smith taken in North Africa, my father taking the picture thought to get an atmospheric photo of the locals selling their wares. And in fairness he did, apart from Herbert the visiting Yorkshireman in his flat cap. Would have used a ! but I'm trying not to.

What's this got to do with rice pudding and dried peas I hear you groan?

Grandad Smith who lived with us (those were the days when they did) everyday insisted my mum, his daughter, make him a rice pudding. Yes, you did hear right every BLOOMING day.
And bless her, she did.

Dried peas... in his cardigan pockets he always had dried peas, don't ask me why, they were the snack of choice for him. Weird or wot?

In an earlier blog I've told you about my other eccentric grandfather (the wood-carving bank manager). Both of them I loved to bits.

Grandad Smith made me promise as a little girl never to smoke.
"But why Grandad, you smoke?"
"That doesn't matter, just promise me!"
I did..
and I don't...
and I never have.


  1. Dried peas??!!!
    As a snack?!!!!
    Never heard of that before!!!
    Lisa x

  2. Hello Fruity...thanks for your comment....trying to get my finger out and get back to sewing and blogging!!!!!Common as muck me.
    You have great memories of your Grandads. I have too. I miss my Grandad Smith. He always had a Pineapple Cream Cake waiting for me and an orange :-)

  3. My grandad Perry's missing right thumb used to fascinate us as kids, and he always told a little rhyme about two little dickie birds sitting on a wall, with bits of paper on his fingers.....
    I have just found a scrummy recipe for rice pudding whilst looking through some of my other favourite blogs: