Friday, 4 February 2011

The cobbler mopped my tears with a shabby chamois...

I fell out of the shop with the promise of 
"I'll do what I can love, leave 'em with me"

Having left them NOTHING got done.  No surprise there!

I ought to tell you that these slippers hail from Turkey, they've been with me, woman and girl for eight long years. A day has never passed when they haven't been at the end of each of my sturdy legs.  Tell a lie, they have had to go for a little light bottom work.  This time though it looked as if they'd finally curled up their toes and gone to the great Turkish Delight in the sky.  I hawked them around Kent in the vain hope we could find a cure.  Now the trouble is NO ONE  takes me seriously (can't think why?)  I got fobbed off wherever I went. 
Bring in the big guns I thought, so Hubs went along to the places I hadn't been barred from. HE gets taken seriously (can't think why) and guess what, the snob decided he would have a try.  With great sucking in of breath through teeth, he declared it would cost a lot.  Now Hubs knows a good thing when he hears it, and the wherewithal to win undying adoration was just too good to pass up.  The job was a goodun.


  1. You have got them back then, all mended and back to their glorious, comfortable, selves. What happens next time? There must be a limit to what a snob can do?

  2. Hooray, glad there was a snuggly happy ending.
    Lisa x