Friday, 11 February 2011

I get no kick from champagne...

Oh yes I do!

Yesterday, boy did I have a strop on.  

Thursdays are good days for me because I have a day at home, without any call to go anywhere.  No aqua, no sewing class, no shopping, no nothing!  I love it, just being.  I usually get holed up in my studio, ipod or radio 4 playing and I make stuff or at the very least try to.  The only cotton-picking thing I did, was make a little brooch (a long story, which I won't bore you with now).  Got that done and parcelled up ready to take to the post office after luncheon.  Next job to do was to finish off the hessian roman blind that I had hoped to complete in class on Tuesday.  We have a genie in this house, well it is over 300 years old (the house silly, not the genie). On second thoughts the spirit might have taken up residence when it was a new build.  Anyhow this little devil makes things disappear and I'm constantly looking for them.  I selected Rumer on my ipod and settled down to get the stab stitching done.  Two minutes in, I thought are these measurements right, cos I'd already been told off by teacher in class and was very, very afraid to get it wrong; especially as she's coming round next week for us to decide the final decision on the floor plan for our 
kitsch and stitch fair   'Boom - Boom!'

On my return from measuring the window in the office upstairs, I couldn't find the remote, Hubs helped me look, the blooming thing is still absent without leave.  My B.P. was rising, the day was slipping by without me getting a lot done.  
I went up to the village to post the little parcel and just had to check in 'Village Life' our fantabulous shop to check out whether the summer linen had arrived.  I have to get there early because all the larger sizes go fast - not that I'm LARGE you understand.  On my return from seeing Kate, Hubs is usually found cowering behind the sofa - can't think why?  This time he needn't have worried, my purse stayed firmly in my pocket together with Maltesers in one side and teacakes in t'other.  They just don't seem to make clothes large enough these days, it's probably the high cost of marquee weight linen.

After half a toasted teacake and tea, I'm at a definite, not very happy loose end... what to do next... I know...

ffff... felting

I had received a superb consignment of colours of the rainbow felt from The Felt Fairy which I decided to felt in the washing machine, following the instructions on Annie's blog. .  What a success that was...
the top four colours are beautifully shrunk and knobbly.  Shrinking that easy?  Pity they don't make washing machines woman size, not sure about the wrinkly effect though, I'm already managing that perfectly well on my own.

Next irritating thing was my new camera, don't get me wrong it's a lovely camera, however I DON'T DO INSTRUCTION BOOKS, 

especially those written for children - they're far too technical.  

Today a busy day, a work-out it's called housework, dog walking, aqua-aerobics, shopping, by which time it'll be time for a glass of whine and a bag of wotsits.

I've woken up this morning with...
wait for it...
a sodding spot...
On my BLINKING eye!
Now I've had some spots in some places!  Never there though.
Look on the bright side LL, you have a perfect excuse to sport a dashing black eye patch just like Capt. Jack Sparrow....Aaaaaaaah...
Johnny Depp... my bossoms are busting from me corset at the thought!


  1. I would love to have a stall at Kitsch and Stitch,( really great name) I think Kent is a bit far for me though!! Did the Pixie return your remote yet????? Have you ever read Terry Pratchett? could be a Nac Mc Feegle!? (Hat full of favourite book ever) x sophie

  2. ...but I get a kick out of you. mxxxx

  3. I don't think the story of the brooch is at all boring. And your post certainly wasn't either. love the vision of the pockets bulging with maltesers and teacakes.
    Lisa x