Sunday, 27 February 2011

"I just don't know what to do for badness!"

That's what I always say when I'm bored.

The house seems strangely quiet, my studio is once again my own private domain.
The family have gone, I've done my duty.
But wait...

Life seems horribly dull with no kids to tut over...
'It wasn't like that in our day!'

Am I turning into a grumpy old woman I wonder?

Have a care - don't answer that!

This photograph cheers me up...

Behold! her bosom and half her side-
A sight to dream of, not to tell!


  1. Lo1! I thought it said 'I don't know what to do for baldness'!

  2. Hope you all had a wonderful week.
    Don't those 2 woman look so glam?
    Lisa x

  3. Annie, you forget it's me - badness personified! Lisa, I had a brill week thanks, tired now though. Sophie, in the bath tonight, book in one hand, glass in t'other, I did think about the wotsits, decided against, not only because I was a hand short, but the steam would have made them soggy. LLX