Monday, 28 February 2011

Not a mouse...

Shall disturb this hallowed house:
I am sent with broom before,
To sweep the dust behind the door.

This is my studio after the family have departed AND
before I've dragged all my crafting paraphernalia out of its hidey hole in the cupboard.

This is the closet with attitude, stuffed to the rafters with treasures.
 The Masterchef photo's I want to get at, for the the cliff-hanger I left you with in an earlier blog, are at the very bottom, so with bum in the air I might be gone some time.

Heigh ho, heigh ho, heigh ho
For if you're feeling low
You positively can't go wrong
With a heigh, heigh ho

Heigh ho, heigh ho
To make your troubles go
Just keep on singing
all day long heigh ho!


  1. You have a lovely and very cozy craft room!


  2. I love your post's! Will look out for your bear, I promise....what was his name!!? x

  3. It's so cosy some times Debbie that there's barely room for moi. Thought I'd take photo's while it's still tidy. I'll take some when I'm in full-on creating (I'm known for my full-on creating!) LLX

    Sophie, If you don't mind my saying that was a very silly question - It's Teddy - OBVIOUSLY!!! LLX

  4. Looking forward to seeing those photos once you've rootled them out.
    Lisa x

  5. You have a brilliant work place you lucky girl! x

  6. Of course it's Teddy......Derrrr!!!! I have my Mum's Teddy he's called Teddy Wops, does he have a second name?!!! I will do a post on him one day...... xx