Tuesday, 15 February 2011

A leaf of coriander clapped between...

finger and thumb, the 'Royal' personage demanded in imperious tones

"What is this?"

Standing my ground at the onslaught 

I replied, conveniently forgetting the Ma'am!

"We don't like it!"

With that, I realised all dishes from now on, were not to include this most flavoursome of herbs.

Weird the things that spring into your mind out of nowhere.

Looking back I realise I've been blessed with the life I've led...
the good, bad and sad.  

Hand on heart I've tried, 
yes, I've tried to relish every minute.  It hasn't always been easy.

Glass half full woman - that's me.

I've got the music, I've got the lights
You've got the figure full of delights
Lets get together the two of us

over a glass of champagne.


  1. I remember that song!
    Half glass ful is defintiely how I try to be. Life's too short not to.
    I really loved me life up until 3 year ago, adopting S was a trying time to start with for various reasons, but we were struggling through and then my dad went into hospital and died 5 weeks later. Utter devastation and I was consumed by a raging grief for the longest time. Add a hysterectomy less than a year later and I was a hormonal raging grief stricken old hag to my family. My glass felt drained. Then just before Christmas last year something shifted in me and I'm slowly getting to grips with being content again. I took a good long hard look at myself and knew I was disappointed with the person I had become. No more. And now I'm getting back to that glass half full again.
    OK I've rambled, I'll go now.
    Lisa x

  2. Oh Lisa, What a story and with such a positive message. The first step is looking in the mirror and acknowledging that you don't like what you see. The next very,very,very bravest thing, is to do something about it. Life IS blooming short and I'm guilty of always trotting out that old chesnut. When you're deep in grief with the added hormone havoc and family pressures, life don't feel too blinking hot. And all credit to you for realising that the image in the mirror wasn't the real you. The keys to unlock the lovely, loving person you know you are, were there in your pocket, so you got them out tried the lock gently opened the door and saw a glimmer of sunlight. LLX