Sunday, 20 February 2011

Masterchef finalist 1992...

That's me!

With the new series having just started it set me thinking.
Is it really 19 years since I took part in this long running tv series?
I ought to say now...
there is no way I would have got as far as the final in the 'new look' Masterchef.

In the the magic cupboard in the studio, I have photo's of me on the programme.  As it is stuffed full, due to the visitors imminent arrival, luckily I couldn't reach them.  In luck?   The then and now pictures would be too awful to compare, well for me in any case!

I had great fun on the programme which I will tell you more about some other time.  I did get to the final, didn't win, didn't deserve to.  However my life took off, in so many ways you wouldn't believe.

More when I come back...
a busy week awaits.

Too de loo!


  1. You big tease! Am looking forward to hearing much more about this.
    Hope you have a great week.
    Lisa x

  2. Hey hon, hope you have had a good time in London.

    I see that all spaces have been taken at the S & K can't squeeze me in a corner somewhere can you? :-)

  3. Darling girl, Are you serious? What with you being poorly and all. Where the hell's middle England? My geography's like the rest of my knowledge - sketchy to say the least. Wouldn't it be a fair old way to travel. We are full to bursting and even if I were to stoop to a little light bribery and corruption; you have to ask yourself would my request for wall to wall hensteeth works of art, plus of course the hush money, the folding variety naturally. I honestly don't think it'd worth your while. Viv I just wished you'd asked earlier.

  4. Aww..,never mind. We hope to visit some of your iconic gardens in May, so I am hoping to be able to visit the fair aswell. x