Thursday, 10 February 2011

Boobs set to escape from me cozzie...

looking for all the world like bouys marking lobster pots. 
I wouldn't mind, but once their out they're the devil's own job to get back. 

Heidi, fellow bad girl and dieter on the back row of our aqua class is ALWAYS talking about  BLOOMING losing weight.

"Put the scales in the back of the cupboard, don't keep jumping on them every morning!"
says I, an old hand at this dieting lark.
She nodded sagely in agreement, well as sagely as you can, up to your neck in chlorinated water.  That was last Friday morning.

This morning I bobbed across to my studio in my nightie to retrieve my scales from their heidi-hole and guess what?

What a blooming 'waist' of time that pearl of wisdom was cos


And another thing - what was the first thing she said to me today?

"I haven't lost any weight!"  

With my eyebrows shooting off the top of my head, she suddenly realised that she'd blown her cover. 

I didn't say a word...
Well you would'nt, would you, with your leg in the air?


  1. I bet you are a real bathing beauty, buoyed up by larking about and enjoying yourself.
    Lisa x

  2. oh no! I have hidden mine with the promise to weigh on the 1st of every month!