Saturday, 19 February 2011

I feel strangely excited...

I've no idea why?

Oh yes you have LL.
 I've got an action-packed week organised that's why!
Monday I'm having my hair cut,  I've decided to have a roughty-toughty been through a hedge backwards trim.  Not unlike my gardening idol Carol Klein crossed with the Duchess of Cornwall.  Who I haven't met, although I would have loved to!  

The bob I've got now is just soooo ageing.  Walking the dog in the misserly rain this morning I arrived home looking for all the world like I had pan scrub hair.  You know those silver metal jobbies that go rusty  and lose their shape at the first sign of work. Well, I know how that feels any road.

Tuesday I am going to the 'Threads of 
Feeling' exhibition at the Foundling Museum.  Then I am taking my son out to dinner.  Aaron is 40 in March, (alright I know I don't look old enough to have a son of that age I wish!) 
  He has no idea where we are going.  I plan to start off in the Hix champagne bar in Selfridges.  He'll think Oh no! Not shopping again.  I've got previous (that's an old coppers' expression Hubs taught me.) I will suggest we meet in Ladies lingerie.  He knows me too well, he won't be at all surprised by that!  There we will meet my lovely WSD (wicked step-daughter - she started it by calling me her WSM - so there - mer, mer, mer, Mer!) and her boyfriend.   Have a few glasses of Dandelion and Burdock then head off to...
not telling in case word gets back to you know who. 

Wednesday The family arrive from York. 
I'll be stuffing all my crafting goodies into the cupboard in my studio cos that's where our guests sleep (not the cupboard silly - the studio.)  They have got their own facilities and if I don't feel like it, I don't have to grant them an audience, just pull faces across the courtyard.  I'm making it all sound grand, that's just to impress you all ( well all three of you and the bloke with the dog).  

Being a HUGE party animal I will plan menus, cook my socks off and have great fun organising games and stuff.  As my daughter-in-law says I never knowingly under-cater.
Sharing food with friends and family is one of the many joys in life.

The winter room (our little snug upstairs) will be dusted.  Miss Haversham like, it goes against the grain; however we will need to see our cards in the gloom in order to cheat our grandchildren out of their pocket money.
The fire will be lit, and as usual after three minutes, windows will be flung open  
"Far too hot in here!" 
It all adds to the ambience.  Or in other words the alcoholic fug.

Saturday evening when they roar off down the hill, I will wave until their car lights dim into the distance.
Wandering back I will breathe a huge sigh of contentment overlaid with an even bigger groan of...
'Glad that's over!'


  1. OOOh how exciting, hope you have a lovely week. There is that saying about visitors.... something about fish???! but it's all happy memories in the end, hey xx have fun x

  2. What a loaded week, bloody hell woman you will be knackered!

    Love the sound of the hair do!!

  3. Have a lovely week - surrounded by all you love!!