Wednesday, 3 July 2013

As I pulled my elasticated...

jim-jam bottoms up to my
armpits, I got to thinking...

Funny folk these bloggers.
Here, there, everywhere they sit,
filling cyber-space with a lot of tosh
and minutiae of their lives.
A large part of me longs to meet them,
although in my heart I'm afraid.
Will the men and women live up to my imaginings?
Worse than that will I, theirs?
Definitely not, methinks.

As I've written before, I have got previous,
re. inviting folk back here.
It sounds trite, but I'm going to say it anyway...
I really do love people;
to chat, to laugh, to share experiences,
good and bad, is to me, a joy.

Here is a taster of the folk I would invite
to my 
'Mrs Dale's Diary'

of blogging chums party.

And in no particular order

Viv of hensteeth

Now I have met Viv, via me visiting her
blog, buying a few of her 
wondrous wearable works of art.
And being a disciple, happy to sit at her
feet during one of her workshops.
Those of you that probably have a rough idea
of me by now, will know that my green eyes
(and yes they are)
flash with that dratted emotion
called envy.
She is such a lovely talented lass.
 My love for her is tempered with a 
huge dose of feather-spitting, resentfulness.
Getting her in my rib-cracking hugs,
every fibre of my being, strains across
 bosom on bosom, in the vain effort to absorb,
even the slightest sensation of her skills.
It don't work!

Next up...
The one, the only, the Panama hatted,
the Harris Tweed encased...

Born with a silver spoon in his mouth,
his first car was a Jowett Javelin.
A left wing intellectual.
He excels in a wacky, wicked, without resorting
to rude words, take on life.
He is kind and caring and doesn't easily take
Another point in his favour, is his love of dogs.
An all-round good egg.

Mr N and Nilly on occasion, sit by the pond in our
village eating pork pies and feeding the ducks.
Do they think to phone and call in?
Oh no siree!
Nilly, I think, is worried she might be
a disappointment...
You and me both kid...
that's the risk we all take.
And yes, I can see where you're coming from.
They live not too far away from my old stamping ground
in Yorkshire, so lots to talk about.

John Gray

I know the spelling isn't right,
however I liked the image!

A funny man, not afraid to
call a spade a spade. 
He talks about the unmentionables,
the ordinary, in such a way to make it
strangely extraordinary.
It goes without saying I'm deeply,
evilly envious of his world-wide followers.
Comments for each post, he counts in 
I don't mind admitting I've idly
flirted with the idea of booking a
charabanc trip to Tralawnyd and...
wacking him in the Scotch egg department.
Trouble with that idea is, now he's
joined Weight Watchers, by the time I've saved up the money
for the trip, he'll have a tummy like a six pack.

Another talented lady with fabric and stuff.
As I sit here, two of her creations are sitting
forlornly on the shelf, sad at not have a 
living shelf to decorate.
My eyes are flashing again!
At the talent in the folds of fabric 
and depth of dyeing.
She laughs at my blog and always comments. 

He's Yorkshire, that makes him okay
in my ¼ Yorkshire bit.
But wait, he can get crabby,
about sloppy grammaticals, and
he has been known on occasion to
take things to heart.
He travels, and I reckon his teaching is
overlaid with a large dose of
irreverence.  His pupils the world over,
love him.
I get the feeling when young, he returned
the love letters sent by Shirley
marked with red pen.
Must try harder.

A kind, kind man with a heart of gold.

The far more sensible and grounded,
sister of Mr Owl Wood.

Elaine empathises with me about
our nearing the end of our lovely Lettice's life.
Especially as just recently she lost her
much loved Toby.
She loves my raggerty-taggerty
garden.  I'm deeply envious of her
'Uniformaty is a Fine Thing' garden
as practised by the head gardener there.


Driving through Lingfield I always
think of Cro.
Living in France, every day we get a taste
of the artist in residence; his
skills at stretching a canvas far exceeds
his tinkering with lawnmowers.
He'll hate me for saying this I'm sure,
he reminds me of my greatest love
the one, the only, the very left-wing... Alan Bennett.
Because I get the feeling that he like A.B. 
has an inbuilt grumpiness gene.

Last but by no means least...
this man who likes us all to think
 how wicked he is.
However, we all know better,
he's an absolute
diamond geezer.
Nuff said!



  1. LL, some great blogs there to check out. Sounds like your bloggers tea party will be a hoot!

    1. We're a good crowd us bloggers Carol. The trick I think, is to have fun, pull fellow bloggers legs'n'stuff. Life can be gloomy at times, especially with what's going on in the world.


  2. Oh a barrel of fun there at that tea party for sure. Be careful with all that laughter and tea sipping there may be a few unintentional sprays, oh my ;)

    1. Now why do you think I buy Miss Tena by the trailer load?



  3. Good egg m'dear? Good egg eh? Feel more like a ruddy Spanish omelette these days. Dashed nice of you to say so though.

    Take care with the gusset of your jim-jams though, I over-tugged mine once and had to call 999 for an emergency tailor. very embarrassin'.


    1. I would have thought Mr OW that your tailor made jammies would have a white plaited cord, made from the softest hair gently plucked from a Yaks underbelly.


  4. Sounds like fun - especially if I can wear my jim-jams. I'll bring the cakes. x

    p.s. This is the third time I have tried to post a comment - darned intermittent internetty connections. Deep breath, here goes....

    1. Smart casual... that means jim-jams with razor sharp creases, best get bro's tailor to steam press them for you.


  5. not on your list. . .gutted and sobbing. . .

    1. Be afraid, very afraid, the party list is still to be completed.


  6. Me neither.... Hysterical sobbing...
    Julie x

    1. Well to be honest, I thought about asking you, then got cold feet about what you would think about my other guest... Lin Crusta. Especially as you are such a decorating diva.


  7. Well, what a lovely surprise to be on your hit list!! What a bash that would be, a laugh a minute I'm sure. Would love to meet you - one of these days!!!!!!

  8. I really think that would be a FAB gathering and might give me the courage I need to meet face to face. I do, by the way, meet the beautiful, be-muscled (from all that building work - only joking !) Julie Cloth Shed in the flesh & she's lovely.

    1. Nilly, I'm sorry to disappoint but... it is only a pretend party. I would love you you all to come, if only to scoff all the Ferrero Rocher choccies I've been hoarding for just such an occasion as this.

      Julie I would naturally invite second phase, so after the shenanigans she could go around inspecting the footings and kicking the skirting boards. Her hard hat would go down a storm.


  9. What a very lovely lady you are. May I sit next to Elaine for a while.... we need to discuss things (churches, fences, that sort of stuff).

    1. Cro, you can sit next to the fragrant Elaine as long as your heart desires. Her chaperon Mr OW will sit knitting betwixt and between, looking for all the world like Madame Defarge. His aim is two-fold; first and foremost, he has his eyes on the part of Widow Twanky at this year's Wisbech pantomime; added to which his sister's good name down at the Frog and Tadpole in Peterborough is paramount.