Sunday, 7 July 2013

Back to the future...

Ducking past the skeletal remains 
dug up by the Post office.
Mr Black walked out of the office, carefully sidestepping 
the trench required for the new cables for the smart new red telephone box. 
He carried a  briefcase the size of an ammunition metal case,
as used in the second world war.

Little did we all know then, as we sniggered behind our Max Factor 
applied makeup, that within a few years 
the appliance he was so proudly touting around the Vale of York 
was to impinge greatly on all of our lives.
We all knew to a man (if you'll pardon the expression)
he would within ten minutes be on the dog and bone, 
to enquire into the house brick he manfully carried
"Have there been any calls for me?"

With sides splitting I replied 

"Fraid not!"

"Well if there are any, get them to phone me on the mobile"

"Will do!"

'Over and out!'  Rolling on the floor I responded.

The bones of long dead saints, within spitting distance of the Minster
were hastily shovelled back into the ground.
No names, no pack drill!
The newly rewired phone box as unaware, 
as we were, as to the sea change that was about to hit.

I mourn those simple days.



  1. I have to admit that mbl phns are useful when Mr N & I are at opposite ends of a huge showground or airfield & need to consult about an antique - but I don't think there's rm in my lfe for any thing other than a basic model & I STILL don't know how to txt.

    1. Yes, Nilly I can see the sense of that. I only text never speak, as I have it in my head it fries your brain.... although mine's scrambled already.


  2. Back in the day, I had to take turns of the weekend custody of the next series of 'mobile phone' which was just down from a brick, whenever I was on PR duty shielding VIPs from the media. Hated it as the battery always ran down and I was blamed.

    These days Mr EM and I are much more mobile savvy though happily prefer the basic models for calls and texts only. Much to the despair and mild abuse of younger family members who live their second lives through these devices and get frustrated when we don't/can't/won't do all the other stuff (whatever that is).

    1. My phone, probably not dissimilar from yours, will be in the London Museum any day now... Watch this space.