Saturday, 13 July 2013

With the prevailing wind up...

me kilt, 
arms and legs akimbo, sat in the shade of a
coolibah tree...
Alright I know... use your flipping imagination.
I got to thinking,
always a dangerous occupation around here...
because the moths that fly out of me ear holes make a beeline 
straight for my charity shop cashmere
cowering in the cupboard.

Do we live in a democracy?

I wrote yesterday on my blog about plain fag packets 
being vetoed  and wondered who had knobbled whom?

It turns out one of Dave's advisors is
a chimney.

Smoking related disease, it would appear, isn't what is 
crippling the NHS...
it's wait for it...


Well that is until his char 
Mrs Kipling has a word in his 
shell-like lug.


  1. I think that the main problem with the NHS is that we expect it to treat all of those icky sick poor people. If it were limited to nice people only then it would work so much better. I suggest that we change the motto. It should no longer be "From the cradle to the grave", it should be "From the arms of Nanny to the State Funeral".

    Or something.

    p.s. I had prevailing wind once, but it was just a reaction to Jerusalem artichokes.

  2. At least you'd meet a better class of drunk at the old A & E...

    'Too much port I'm afraid, Nanny always said stick to breast milk, so much better for a growing boy, what!'


  3. I don't know about you but I'm dreading any sort of hospitalisation - just think of the revenge those resentful young nursing staff will wreak on us over-privileged, evil Baby Boomers. They'll be pushing us down that Liverpool Care Pathway PDQ.

    1. Couldn't agree more Nilly. My plans are the Beachy Head Care Pathway, champagne-fuelled naturally.