Tuesday, 16 July 2013

As I said to the Duke only...

the other day*...

'What would you like for luncheon?'

He looked at me strangely


With pencil behind my ear,
he often looked at me with a strange
quizzical expression.

'Look here me ole matey!'

On one occasion I
fired at his regal self.

Poor lad, who was this
strange apparition that ran
the kitchen like a hippy 
Mrs Bridges with bosoms A-Go-Go?


My father a very refined gent, often
looked at his only child, with
wonder in his eyes...
He wondered...
How had this happened?

Latterly, I would say and do outrageous things
(surprise you?  Nay... didn't think so!)
He would cry, with tears in his eyes,
pleading with me to stop.

'Linda, I can't breathe with my asthma;
you make me laugh too much!'

Why have I always
done and said outrageous things?

Some might say...

'Attention seeking only child!'

Got to admit, I think they're on to something there.

What do you think?

At the end of the day...
I'm happy with life,
the good, the bad, the ugly, the sad, the fun.

* Own-up time... It wasn't the other day.


  1. Judging from the lovely photo of you with Papa, you are very likely a ventriloquist's dummy! I can imagine him taking you to various variety shows in seaside towns and blue rinse audiences chortling about the mischievous remarks of "The Little Princess".

  2. Loved this recolection ...I admit I don"t know you well, but if you are indeed anything like the post ... never change ~ I am sure your father adored you ! lol

    1. Willow, perhaps it's just as well that you don't. Behind the sofa is getting awfully crowded. Cowering is not a good look I find!


  3. What's that about only children? I can assure you they don't come much more retiring, wallflower-ish and 'umble than I.
    And cowering is my behaviour of choice!

    1. As I know too well dear chum, usually by the pond with pork pie in hand!

      Cowering my eye: anyone that has on occasions been known to wear tangerine tights, is no wallflower! Nuff said!


  4. No change there then Linda, still making people chortle! Love the photograph of you and your father, happy memories. x

    1. My lovely dad was a great Dickens fan; in horror he probably thought he'd spawned a child not dissimilar from Nancy in Oliver Twist...

      'They were not exactly pretty, perhaps; but they had a great deal of colour in their faces, and looked quite stout and hearty'

      Hey ho!


  5. Own up time LL? I think that is one of the secrets of bloggers; that only we know of when and whom we speak and where the truth is bent a little to make a story sound better. Lovely photo. I have some very special photos with my Dad too at that age. How is Lettice?

  6. Carol, own up to what? As stated on my side bar, I don't do fibberoonies. I tell the truth, if it is a fib to make the story better I ALWAYS mark as such i.e. * Why lie? Alright with the Royal thingy, it's best I don't say who, for obvious reasons.

    Lettice is absolutely blooming fine. She had a urinary infection, which has been sorted with two courses of antibiotics. She is back to wobbly normal; we carry her up to the main garden, where one or other of us sit with her. She just loves it, after nearly a year of not getting there. Life for Lettice is good at the moment, thank you for asking.

    Have you broken up for the summer hoildays yet? Don't us bloggers have a lovely time getting to know so many interesting folk? Take care , dear heart.


    1. LL, we have just gone back to school after our Winter break, and will be a long term of 11 weeks, before our Spring break. Tomorrow is a public holiday for our Show, so we get a long weekend and the weather is wet as it always is at show time. Doesn't make for a pleasant time walking around there ~ a breeding ground for colds and flus. But the kids love it. I feel really lucky to have stumbled across this disperse community of bloggers. I particularly like how you recollect memories from your past. Glad to hear Lettice is enjoying her garden. CC :)