Friday, 8 February 2013

This much I know...

I have stonking great double, double
I'm always getting on my high horse about the injustices in the world, like huge companies paying zilch tax; alright I know it's due to our government not closing loopholes, which allow it to be legal.  Not morally legal though!
 (I do love this word, because you always know the following
words will knock the stuffing out of you)
I sit patiently (alright not very!) waiting for Mike the postie to knock.
And he just has... with...

My order from Amazon...
Giving Up the Ghost - a memoir
A Place of Greater Safety
wait for it...
Drum Roll...
Get on with it do LL!
Hilary Mantel...

The most enduring love in my life is the feel of a good book:
time and place pass me by, as nose in a book I lose myself.

Now I know I shouldn't: Ted like Maggie (Yes that one!)
is the product of a 'behind the counter' life...
not the nudge, nudge, wink, wink sort!
He thinks you should shop in shops, well he would wouldn't he?
I totally agree...
in order to feed my habit, I have to
get my drug of choice as cheaply as possible.
I'd like to say I've lurked on street corners waiting for a man
in capacious raincoat to sidle up and out of the corner of his mouth hiss

'Ere you interested in the latest hot off the press?'
As he opens his coat to reveal pockets stuffed with
paperbacks, print still drying in the breeze.
I've done the next best thing and surreptitiously
limbo-danced up to the lap-top 
and under cover of darkness perused the Amazon catalogue.
Strangely finding my fingers hovering over the buy with 1 click, and
 before you know it, and with a face as if butter wouldn't melt in its rosebud mouth...
the deed is done.

Coffee is quietly doing what coffee does in the cafetiere.
By way of celebration I may even crack open the tin of cheesey footballs
left over from Christmas, as I cosy up with my latest love... Hilary.
In fact my love is so great, I may even divorce Ted and ask her to marry me!

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  1. Oh - you are awful! But, I can't resist either. The naughty thrill of "Buy with one click" is exquisite!