Monday, 25 February 2013

As I sit atop the breaking wave...

of bedlinen left by the many and various,
large and small...
I felt for all the world like a Blackpool landlady.
Girding my corset-clad loins and hoisting my left bozoom in true
Les Dawson fashion I set to.
Washing machine in Next Generation warp factor 10.
Where to put the clean returning conquering heros that are the sheets?
On a dreary, dark and dreich day, the washing line's out of the question;
so here I sit amongst the drying linen. 
Look on the bright side LL, think of all the money you are saving by not having to plug the dehumidifier in.  Pores will perk, completion will glow as I sit in the fug.  Perhaps I'd better shoot out and buy one, and then I could quite rightly feel smug, by not using it.


Surrounded by ageing nectarines in varying
stages of wrinkles and decay, the worry is... 
what to make before they are fast tracked to the compost heap.  
It is so tempting to make something deliciously fattening.
A nectarine and blueberry salad doesn't seem to quite get the old juices going...
I can't think why! (fib)
Plus we're still munching our way through the orange bread and butter pudding
I made yesterday; only to use up the left-over white bread we don't normally eat,
you understand? 
Plus it's fasting day tomorrow...
 life can be so cruel... especially when you're FAT.

As we plough through the left-overs this week, we can at least take comfort 
from the fact we won't have to take our 
IFA with us to Waitrose, to advise us as to the best way to pay.


Tomorrow I'm off for my first session as a garden guide at a local landmark.
Looking out of the window today makes me think, have I chosen right?
My thinking was... be out and about, get fresh air inside you...
Funny thing is...
now I'm not so sure!
Tucked up with the ancient relics as a Room Steward 
suddenly seems to have more appeal.
My thinking on definitely not wanting to be contained inside is...
there's no escape, you really must answer questions and be informative.
Outside, the minute anyone hoves into view, especially if you don't like to cut of their jib, or put another way, if they're not a thing of beauty, oozing handsomeness,
then a quick dive into the delphiniums would be in order.

Michelin-woman in biker boots...
not very National Trust...
National Truss more like.
Too much munching in Michelin starred restaurants (I wish!)
have worked their magic.  Well that and the
liberty bodice layers to ward off the cold.


  1. Hi LL, I have nominated you for my Liebster award because I love your blog. Pop over to my site to see the details. I'm lovin that b/w image is she supposed to be a Chinese lantern do you think?
    Jean x

    1. Thank you for the award...

      I should like to thank my make-up artist (who moonlights as a plasterer), C & A for loaning me the frock (even though I had to sign to say none of my DNA would seep onto the underams), my agent (travel) ((reminder to self, musn't forget to demand he organise me a much needed break to Butlins at Bognor)). And finally to Blue Nun, without whom none of this would have happened.



  2. Good luck in the garden linda, that will blow the cobwebs away! jaynex

    1. Cobwebs blown Jayne... along with my cover... what I know about plants and gardens you could put on the back of a slug's rucksack.


  3. So, is Sizzlinghurst the garden in question? Hot stuff!

    1. Fraid not Nilly. Can't possibly say, in case something inappropriate finds its way into my blog! Not that it ever would! (fib)

      Just off to read yours now.