Tuesday, 5 February 2013

SOS... I need some serious feedback...

Can you help?

This morning over in my studio I've made a start on
getting rid of all the treasures I've accumulated over the years.
Like lots of us I squirrel away bits and bobs with the very real intention of 
manufacturing  mini 'masterpieces'.
Trouble is, even with two hands that worked as God intended,
my work never really hit the spot.
Added to which, I've flitted from one idea to another
(that's been the story of my life).
I feel the time has come to face facts and get shot.
My right hand is so painful that even my writing is becoming spidery;
not to put too fine a point on it...
it's starting to shout...
Not that I am you understand!?!

Now this is where you come in...
those that know me personally and those that only know me via
blogland will probably all agree...
I'm a daft tart.
Ted always says 
'You put yourself down too much Lin!'
'I know, I know, it just feels right somehow!'

Here's the rub, should I bite the bullet and get rid of all
crafting paraphanalia and write, which with keyboard I can...
No thumb was hurt writing this post.

If so, when push comes to shove, would it, like all other
scams and schemes come to... nowt?

Added too which, although I enjoy firing off stupid and very often totally inappropriate
posts and comments, would I soon lose the will to do it?
My other blog 'Life through a clear straw',

 I enjoyed to start with, then got bored!

Wouldn't mind if I could just laze prone on the sofa with
book, wine and wotsits...
I've tried and guess what...
I got flaming BORED!?!

And another thing...
Could I really write a warts and all story of my life?
It's okay knocking myself, but would I have the courage to
say it like was with my parents (both dead)?

Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


  1. honest answer...I don't know what I want to do, let alone decide for you too!
    But why not try and see where it takes you and if you don't want to do it after a bit then do something else?
    Does it have to be writ in stone? (pun not intended) I thought this time of our lives was to do as we please when we please as far as we can get away with it?
    Just enjoy the day and hang the rest!

    1. Thanks Elaine, love your not knowing for you, let alone me! Good thought!

      If only the 'do as we please' bit, didn't wrack me with guilt... valuable lazing time is what I'm wasting.

      Perhaps a good idea would be to get myself a switch and give myself a hard time that way!!!!

      Cheers dear blogging chum,


  2. I thought about writing once as everyone said I should and how talented I was. So I enrolled in a Creative Writing certificate course at the local university. I stuck it out for four years of night school but I never completed the certificate. Why? Too much pressure. Here I was going to these classes because I was told by others to write. While I enjoy writing and the whole process I wasn't enjoying myself. It became a chore to grind it out. So the point I'm trying to make is don't listen to others. Listen to your inner it something that you want to do for yourself? Will it make you happy? If so then you know what to do:)

    1. Yes Mary Ann, I totally get what you say about your creative writing course. Why? Because a friend and I went on a poetry course and what with me not being able to hear a blooming thing that was said, then when I did hear, I was completely undermined by the skill of everyone else.

      Yes I will listen to the inner voice... Ssh... what's that? The sofa, book and beverage are calling... must rush..................LLX

  3. What's that Elaine doing here? She is SUPPOSED to be doing her tax!!!! ;O)))))

    I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up, so can't dish out any advice. Sigh.............
    One thing I do know though, is that if you get rid of all your arty stuff you will one day want to sit down and use it!

    1. It must be bad if Elaine's been sidetracked by ME?

      Never, ever grow up mm, we love you the way you are... although...

      I really hate clever clogs, even though I know you're 110% right about my need once all treasures are irrevocably buried.


  4. Hello LL

    You sound like me...always flitting.... I used to worry about it, but now I just do things for as long as i want to then move on to the next thing,..
    i say if you feel like writing then write, see where it goes,

    there is a line in Lord of the rings....

    'All we have to do , is decide what to do with the time that is given to us'

    Tolkien was a clever man... :-) xx

    1. Yes Sophie, I am a Jill of all trades, mistress of none. Love the Tolkien quote... thank you.


  5. I'm with Ted on this one, you are always putting yourself down - we love you just the way you are. I think you might regret getting rid of all your treasures. Your thumb may improve. I think you are way too hard on yourself, just go with the flow and see what happens just keep writing your blog though 'cos I love it! Jayne x

    1. Just wish I'd had an audience of Jaynes when I gave my wacky talks. The sound of laughter is a huge lift, better than any drug. Not that I've tried any mind! Boringly clean-living, me.


  6. There must be things that when you've done them you sit back and think, "I did that & I like it/feel good about it/enjoyed doing it," even if it's something everyday-ish like cooking a lovely meal or enjoying a trip into deepest Kent/Sussex or harvesting a carrot...
    Try to see this potential in everyday things and then - blog it for us!
    I'm always being told "You think too much!" by the men in my life.
    Perhaps we women are all guilty of analysing things too much.

  7. Guilty as charged Nilly! I always feel the need to know in ins and outs of a sparrow's arse. Too much thunking, me thinks.

    AND I love the idea of writing about the everyday things. In essence that's what I do; I use the mundane happenings, as a spring-board off into the many and various events in my past life

    Heartwarming stuff... thank you.