Monday, 1 October 2012

I'm selling me bits...

And what 'bits' might they be LL?

This is why...

Perusing peoples' blogs I get it in my head, to try yet another skill,
adding yet more strings to my bowed bow.

What now?

Slashing... that's what.
I do like a nice slash, don't you?

Close your eyes and picture a very resplendent
Henry VIII in magnificent doublet with slashed sleeves.
The myriad of sumptuous velvets, silks and slubby fabrics spilling
out from the slashes.

Job's a goodun, thought I, how easy that will be...
all you do is lay lots scraps (such a good idea in these straightened times)
onto a base fabric, top with another interesting material.
Sew as if the devil was jigging on yer Juki.
Then just cut between the lines.
How easy is that?
The best bit is the duffing up... 
you can whack it, bash it, smack it, not forgetting to wash it!

Now comes the really exciting bit...
out of the washing machine comes this truly
one-off piece of 
Salvador Dali meets Picasso on a bad hair day
(Yes, I know Picasso didn't have any hair latterly, 'bare' with me!)
work of art.

And here comes the rub, yes I did rub it...
too hard I think.
No self-respecting rag would be seen dead looking like this.

Get a grip LL...
let's face it you're no
 Cath Kidson (perish the thought) of the crafting world.
On the floral front, Constance Spry can rest easy in her grave.
Fanny in her kitchen in the sky, with diamonds.
Coco Chanel in her cutting room on a cloud.

You just, whichever way you look at it...
  haven't got it.

don't let's kid ourselves anymore.


Over the next few weeks, I shall be flogging off
all things over the years I've collected, squirrelled and generally

Starting with these

and these

and these

this magical flapper dress,
given to me by a friend whose Mother has just died at 
just short of 100.
This is the genuine article.
She suggested I cut it up...
How could I?

And as we speak, a carrier bag full of things... 
just like this has turned up

Yes, I know I look like I've just stepped out of
 Downton Abbey.
Upstairs or down, I can't decide,
although in my heart I know!

My head tells me, with my waspish way with words
I could so easily be the Dowager Duchess.

Any road, I'm off to learn my lines...
just in case the call comes! 


  1. Hi - can you tell me how much you are asking for the cotton reels and the cups and saucers please, or are they on ebay? Thankyou!

  2. Oh crumbs Debbie! I haven't even got that far yet, and yes I am listing them on ebay. I will put a link on my sidebar when I do. The wonderful 'cups' are in fact coupes, for I suppose very posh soup; that is... IF I can bear to part with them!


  3. Okay - I thought they were for soup, but didn't want to appear stupid if I was wrong!!! Will keep an eye out for the ebay link - and thank you for your comment on my blog by the way! Very much appreciated! xx

  4. Oh dear your slashing didn't work out for you then...the video makes it look so easy but she doesn't say how long she had to practice to get it looking like that did she.

  5. It was down to your blog and videos Mary Ann, that another wacky project hit the buffers! Nothing at all, to do with me being hopeless!?!