Friday, 19 October 2012

One woman went to sew...

went to sew a meadow...
 a meadow of memories.
And here it is in all its...
 roughty-toughty* glory.





 Us blogging fruit gum chums...
get close, in a way men can only dream of.
I feel very real affection for the pals I have made in
LOVE even!

'Oh NO!  The daft tart's not falling in lurf again...
God help us if she's progressed from gay men to...
Is nothing sacred in this virtual reality world we all inhabit?'

Well to cut a short story long...
I've met a very talented lady
called Viv 
who I took an instant green-eyed
antipathy** to...
Well you would wouldn't you...
her being so talented an'all!
I'm not an only child for nuffink you know!

Viv has the 'honour' of being my very first
female blogging love.
Groans all round!
You can mock all you like!

Any road, poor Viv has had the misfortune to
cross my path more than once.
She's obviously not very nimble on her feet poor love!
Most folk see me coming and bob off down a
dark alley to avoid the full-on,
headlights, main beam, steam train, full throttle,
Larger than life - Lindy Lou.

Out of the blue Viv got a missive from me to ask her to

make a work of art out of the above card. 

One can only guess at her dismay?
Being so artistical, she must have groaned BIG TIME.
Unlike me she doesn't seem to have the
'On yer bike!' gene.
Many times after talks on my life, people would come up and ask me if I still cook, 
i.e. me cooking for the Royals, thinking they would book me,
to come along and do an 'odd'
dinner party or two.
My reply was always the same...
'On yer bike!!!'
It didn't matter who they were,
 titled or otherwise, that was ALWAYS my reply.
It's funny but I seem to have a superb 
command of the English language?

Isn't it just the most amazing wondrous work of art?

I get to finish it, which for me

feels like I'm walking in the footsteps of giants.

*  Roughty-toughty - 
is good in my book - just love it!

**  Antipathy - 
"Sympathy constitutes friendship; but in love there is a sort of antipathy,
or opposing passion.  Each strives to be the other and both together make up one whole."
Samuel Taylor Coleridge.


  1. I got lost a bit, somewhere twixt the dinner party and the WSD...

    1. The power of commenting... already the text has been sorted. I dash these posts off with ne'er a care!

      Thanks for the feedback, you were so right... although I hate to admit it!


  2. Good thinking batman... I'll spike the WSD. That's the trouble when your brain is full of flotsam & jetsam. Sorry B. hope you don't mind?


  3. What a beautiful creation...and a lovely keepsake.

    1. Aren't I a lucky, lucky 'girl' May Ann. Instead of being bunged unloved into a drawer this will now, thanks to Viv be proudly displayed for what it is... A mini sewing masterpiece.


  4. A special keepsake made even more special by Viv.......... Lucky you!

    1. So much talent in so small a bod says I, with green eyes glinting!


  5. It's lovely - how will you display it?

    1. Not sure yet Glynis... it's taken me this long to decide what to do with just this one. Pride of place naturally, for all the hard work and design Viv has put into it. Unloved in a drawer isn't ideal, although I don't intend to display any more of my Royal bits and bobs.


  6. Working fairly contemporary images into a hen's teeth textile collage was not easy, I must admit...but I am so happy to have been asked to push the boat a little and pop out of the comfort zone for a day or two...what's even better is that LL is happy with the result. Thank you LL, you are a wonderful fruitgum chum xxx

    1. Viv, I'd forgotten I'd given you that photo of Mrs Bridges i.e. Me! It makes it all the more exciting, cos it's been so long that it hardly feels like it really happened. Plus when I fly oft to the great Aga in the sky, the family will have a memento of their 'odd' pan rattling ancestor. Who, if the stories are to be believed was a cucumber sandwich short of a picnic.


  7. I have this instinct too, LL, turning life (the good bits!) into little works of art to be savoured, treasured & remembered - it must be our age and singleton status!

  8. How you make me smile Linda with you wit. I love the collage Viv has created for you, a piece to treasure forever. How incredible to have cooked for the Royals. I know what you mean about blogging chums, funny how you connect with people through a computer. jayne x

  9. Ooop typing error - should have said 'with your wit' x