Sunday, 21 October 2012

Feet higher than my head...

legs over the side,
I settle ever deeper into the clutches of
the feather filled cushions of my bosom buddy...
the sofa.
With tum full of freshly baked scone,
I do what I always enjoy doing, on one particular
Sunday of the month...
I devour the
Observer Food Monthly.
I turn first to the comfort of a fellow 
happy eater...
Jay Rayner.
A kindred spirit if ever I saw one.
His slummocky lived-in looks appeal,
only in a culinary way you understand!
I love seeing folk who look as if they
enjoy their grub, don't you?

He talks this month about his lovely mother
Claire Rayner, who died two years ago.
I wrote on June 6, 2011 about going to a wonderful evening 
celebrating her life.
What a woman and still much missed.

'True luxury didn't need spin'
she said.
I couldn't agree more.

I often think the chefs are doing the theatrical bits
purely for their own gratification.
Sort of porridge porn...
'Let's see how far we can push the punters!'
Emperors and clothes come to mind.

On seeing 'lobster and chips' on the menu when being 
treated to dinner by Jay and his wife.
With a glint in her eye Claire said...
'Now that, is class!'

Son and mother tucked in.

Lovely memories Jay.

My culinary experience of the weekend
was the huge delight I gained from spying a giant mushroom
 (dinner plate size) magnificently gracing a grotty old piece of waste ground. 
Definitely on the wrong side of the track.
I lifted it... Oh so carefully, making sure I used my 
left hand, as in my right I carried the not very savoury
bag of doggy do.

Home we went dog and I,
me dreaming of the brunch I would prepare on our return.
Careful of course to...
wash my hands first!


  1. Did you have your Observer's Book of Mushrooms with you? Have you eaten it yet?
    Sewing buddy, Mary, told us last week of her lovely hubby picking mushrooms from their field and making an omelette with them. Mary didn't have any, he was violently sick with gripping stomach pains. Be warned.......It was the yellow ones she said!!

    1. Ne'er a gristle or a gripe! I must confess I did wonder? Mary's hubs obviously thought the ones he picked were chanterelles, which I think only grow under beech trees? If I'm wrong someone please let me know!


  2. I loved Clare Rayner.

    My culinary thoughtfulness today has been what delight to make with a bag of jerusulem artichokes bestowed by a friend.
    Knowing of their reputation for windiness, I want to take Bruce for a long ride and DEFINITELY don't need any extra propulsion!

    Have just made a batch of beetroot hummus you like hummus?

    1. The story so far...
      Bruce for one mad moment thought he was Frankel with the wind under his tail!

      Hummus and beetroot Mmmmm...delish... recipe please.


  3. What did you make with your mushroom Linda, I am very nervous about picking wild mushrooms. A lovely memory of Claire Rayner too. jayne x

    1. Fried eggs basted in fried mushroom juice - delicious. Yes Claire was a special lady, I met her a couple of times, she was just how you'd imagine her to be.


  4. Mr N says, "Lobster, chips AND gravy - that would be class!"

    1. Nilly,

      Hope the Bisto 'Boy' hasn't got a season ticket on the gravy train?


  5. OOhh and Ahhh...any talk of food and more so eating it, brings a smile to my face...its so hard to find tasty food in so called restaurants, in my neck of the woods (Durham area)
    However, I was up in Glasgow at the weekend in a little eatery and my, I could have visited evry day of the week and not been bored with their the menu and therer ever so tasty food.
    The Observer Food Monthly, must look out for that one, is a supplement with the weekend papers Linda?

    1. Hello Therese,

      So glad that you found a superb restaurant in Glasgow. In my days living in Scotland, good food was hard to find. So glad to hear it's improved in the three hundred years since I left!

      The Observer Food Monthly is a supplement in the Sunday paper, next one out on the 18th November. Well worth a look and Jay Rayner's Happy Eater column always makes me smile.


  6. Thanks LL will pop that date in my diary...or I shan't remember.

    Also, your foodie blog, reminded me to catch up on iplayer, Nigel Slater's new series, he is my all time favourite chef, I would love to join him in his kitchen...his food and i have to say himself, is such a feast for the eyes!

  7. What a lovely descriptive word, slummocky is! I haven't heard it before but shall endeavour to use it asap.

    I hadn't realised that Jay's mum was Claire Rayner...doh!!! It's obvious to see the likeness now that I know.

    1. Glynis, Yes I love it too and even if you haven't heard it before you instantly get it! Hope Jay didn't mind? I love his lived-in look, it makes him appear approachable, just like his lovely mum.


  8. Another here who hadn't realised whose son he is. I remember watching Claire Rayner on a TV programme years ago when she had brought in her collection of glass eyes. She was a joy to watch.

    1. A truly joyful woman, warm and cuddly; 'battlely' when the occasion demanded it! A role model for all women.