Wednesday, 3 October 2012

'Look!'... I said as I...

strode womanfully into the darkened room.
'I've got hearing aids, that residing in the drawer at home, don't do a lot of good.
I definitely don't want to add a pair of specs to my collection now do I?'

As I flumped into the chair she said,
'You'll need your glasses'
'What glasses?  I haven't got any!'
She visibly brightened...
A sale!

Eyeball to eyeball, she put me through my paces
I read this, I pressed that.
I barked out the letters on the second to bottom line, 
without a pause for breath.
 Clearly and confidently I narrated the script as if auditioning for
the part of Lady Macbeth.
As the appointment progressed she shrunk before my eyes;
was this a trick of the light I idly wondered.

'You are very lucky to be long sighted in one eye
and short in the other, and although your long sighted eye has deteriorated
a little... you really don't need glasses!'

Am I pleased I didn't go the Specsavers.


  1. That's a shame. I could see you sporting a pair of those! xx

  2. Bet you are disappointed Linda! Where do you get your images from, they always fit your post exactly! jayne x

    1. That nice Mr Google always rides to my rescue Jayne.


  3. Lucky you! Though when I take my specs off all those wrinkles, bristles etc. disappear - so, maybe, lucky me!

    1. No matter how keen my eysight is Nilly, I still miss the socking prickle on me chin that wiggles as I try to chat up a dishy feller.


  4. I must be further down the line, it's the bristles that hold my glasses on!

    Word verification: twateage

    1. You wait 'til your glasses get tangled up in the wires that sprout from your ears. I suppose some might say the bristles act as aerials. 'Are you receiving me? Over and out!'