Sunday, 14 October 2012

A fly on the wall of...

my weekend.

Friday found my heart broken, strop levels soaring.

On arrival back from tai chi and the barbers,
Ted informed me that waiting to be snipped
(NOT that sort!)
he got to read the...
Daily Mail...
now, as if that wasn't bad enough...
Hang on...
The Daily Sport 
could have been worse?

He, in hushed voice informed me that my latest squeeze
(and I wouldn't mind, but he's not even GAY)
((my first deviation from the norm...
that'll teach me!!!))
has found a new love.
You'll never in a million years guess who...
Auntie Bessie...
Auntie Bessie?

Yes that one...
her of the cardboard Yorkshire puddings.

My culinary organical world has come crashing down
and as for my furtive lusting...

Keith, my card-carrying, cardigan wearing
idol of veg boxes (bet he even has soil under his nails) has sold out.
Ted said when I shot off a missive to Abel and Cole...
'Sold out sounds a bit harsh Lin!'
Edward, always the diplomat and peacemaker.
'That's exactly how I feel!' Strop replied.

Saturday morning found me much improved...  
I strode purposefully up the the 
WI Autumn Sale - 10 am
last Saturday I'd done the same...
problem... I was seven days too early...
Now I know queueing is de rigueur on these occasions 
however this was definitely taking the Michael.

I bought a three metre length of wonderful Sanderson
fabric for £2, a tray cloth and a bamboo vase thingy.

Buying raffle tickets I said...
'My only raffle prize was at the age of seven, when I won a 
hundred fags... that's how lucky I am!'

I then went to case a local Flea market, for flogging off my remaining
treasures.  I came away feeling a trifle flat.
Has the bubble burst I idly wondered as I shot home, 
breaking the sound barrier in my
scratch black Smart, complete with Smarty Pants sticker, 
fluffy dice, red noses and HUGE cow-catching poppy on the front.
Sarah Brightman eat your heart out!
Beaten you... so there!

Fish pie and Strictly evening...
Sad I know!

now you're talking...
All's good in the world.
Ted had limbo-danced at dawn out of the marital bed, 
in order not to awaken the slumbering giant.
He is off to a Fibonacci appreciation society meeting.
Fibonacci I said, not flaming Liberace!
Don't ask?

A quiet day was planned for Miss Tena and me...

Can you spot the raffle prize in the form of a magnificent 
basket of fruit?
Would I have preferred the invitation to the Ambassador's party
by way of Ferrero Rocher?
I'll leave you to decide!

We went for a slow walk to the car park and back.

I then scooted up to the paper shop,
only buying one, as I had major plans for landscaping the pond.

Coffee at eleven

taken in the directors chair
surveying the work.

In for lunch, quick blog, 'Little Weed' like, back into the garden 
to enjoy the warm Autumn rays.

Roast Sirloin planned for dinner served with
 MY Yorkshire puddings...

Two eggs
4 oz plain flour
Dash of cold water, in the form of tears!
Smoking hot fat...
Oven roof lifted.


  1. Hope you are enjoying the rest of your weekend.
    Is the beef in the oven yet - I think I can smell it!!
    Just had a banger sandwich after a stroll along Camber beach with Tess and Purdy, and lusting after all the fabulous houses springing up along the beach.
    See you on Tuesday - thumb willing?

    1. Thumb's only up to half day! Hope that's okay?


  2. Now where to start, I think the bit that made me laugh the most was your raffle prize at age 7!!! I almost cried :-)..... Some of it i didn't understand but thats just normal me! Your pond is looking good, would quite like a pond but know that Arthur would spend most of his life in it, although next door would probably be happy, as he spends half his life in theirs....fabric sounds lovely and a bargain too. Off to grans now I always seem to be hoovering these days, but I'm still smiling...have a good day xx

    1. Makes me laugh Sophie, when you say you don't always get what I blog about. Join the club... sometimes I wonder to myself... where did that come from?


  3. Laughed at the Fibonacci reference! I tend to guess my Yorkshire Pud mix, but will definitely try with two (rather than one) eggs next time if they take the oven roof off. That Aunt Bessie is a hussie! She has no shame, stealing men away.

    1. Already Abel and Cole are suggesting frozen foods... only a short step away from introducing 'her' Yorkshires! My world is falling apart... Oh woe is me! If only Marj Proops was still alive, I could dash off a teary missive.


  4. Another gem of a post, took a couple of readings though as they are so full of content I have to soak it all up! Love the sound of your purchases, what are you going to do with that Sanderson fabric I ask myself. Aunt Bessie indeed! what a liberty!

    1. Good question Jayne! As if I haven't got enough fine fabric.

      I wouldn't mind, but I thought he won't look at me cos I'm FAT... however he's fallen for her
      dripping! And another thing... I seem to think she wears a mop cap! I could have been in with a chance!


  5. I'm having a nice sit down, my mind boggled after Googling Fibonacci.

    1. High brow here Nilly! Errr... not me... t'old man!

      Laugh... I never thought me drawers'd dry!