Monday, 9 July 2012

Today is the first day...

of my non-crafting life!

I'd like to say I feel liberated,
however I feel strangely discombobulated.
Alright, I know you can get ointment for it, I'm just too shy to cross our local
chemists threshold to ask.

This is the plan...

1.  Arrive promptly at nine in the studio,
now renamed den due to the 
artistical images created by the word...
Which with my new persona will clearly be misleading.

2.  If necessary sit in hard hat on one of the two sofas,
 staring vacantly into space,
waiting for the thunderbolt strike as to the way forward.

3.  Open the empty exercise book

entitled 'Ideas for Me'
'The Way Forward'

4.  Be prepared for the long haul, as the 
old grey matter isn't as nimble as it used to be.

5.  Don't give displacement therapy house room...
already today I have...
Made the momentous decision to shrink one of my lovely blankets
I've corrected my split basil mayonnaise and
hung washing on the line .
It only remains for me to repoint the chimney and then I'm ready.
  Excuse me while I just put the blanket out to dry...
 How to reverse the shrinking process...
think I'll google for the answer.
I'd better... to enable the clear flow of ideas to circulate...
Second thoughts stuff it, I'll just twiddle the dial and retune.

6.  Got this far and already I've run out of ideas...
the quire of graph paper bought in readiness is 
obviously and sadly redundant and it's
not even 1 pm.

Think I'd better be off for my lunch hour...

'Work' resumes again at 2 pm.

On second thoughts, perhaps after a productive morning
 a seista might be called for...


  1. Well, your first day of your new non crafty persona going well then, washing, split mayo and blanket shrinking. What I want to know is what you are going to do with the shrunken blanket that isn't of a crafty persuasion? Think plan b might have to come into practice, a very long lunch and a siesta sounds about right for a wet july afternoon. Will watch your progress with great interest, still think you will crack before the week is out and get a
    crafty item on the go!!!!1 jayne xxx

  2. hiya- did you get my email reply yesterday?
    Would love to know just how "bad" the dress is, as to what needs doing to save it

  3. Dear LL,
    Your angst is worrying your trusty band of followers - although I do wonder if you are teasing us sometimes. You NEED to create therefore try this
    It doesn't have to be craft work - get those ideas flowing!
    Nilly x

  4. Nilly, Me... teasing get away! What are you like lassie?

    Seriously though, everything I write on my blog is from the heart. Luckily the angst is light hearted. A glass half full girl me. I do, as you have obviously guessed have a skewered view on life.

    Thanks for the care and the link, I'll look tomorrow promise!


  5. Wow! Mind mapping... makes my lists look positively pedestrian. With coffee in hand I'm off to my den... I might be gone some time.

    Thanks Nilly.