Thursday, 5 July 2012

Prone perusing a Penguin...

I got to thinking...
I've done exactly the right thing to hang up my crafting
Retire, relax, recline.
A few bloggy posts ago I flirted with the idea of flogging off 
my craft paraphernalia and spending the money on other 
far, far, far more talented folk.
Call me Charles Saatchi of the 
crafting fraternity...
Er... unfortunately without the mega millions. 

Anyway to cut a long intro short...
'That'll be the day!'
I hear you cry. 

Here is my first buy...
roll of drums and a peal of the newly minted 
Royal Jubilee bells please for

Yes, very nice LL...
what exactly is it?

On closer inspection...
Two of the most 
deliciously dyed, faded and frayed linen corsages
made by...
Jayne Hewison
My Gorgeous Angel Pie

Even the flaming packaging was up to the eyeballs artistical!

Methinks I made the right decision to spend my money
more wisely on people who have real talent,
and not kid myself I can count myself one of their numbers.
Cos I aint!

With bot in the air I delve ever deeper into the crafty
cavernous cupboard...
I know I put the 
Laughing Cavalier tapestry kit
in here somewhere!?! 


  1. They are just lovely, I bet you'll get loads of comments when you wear them.
    Lisa x

  2. Ah you are so lovely, another laugh out loud moment, (be getting locked up for laughing and talking to myself) it was the laughing cavalier moment. You do have creative ability (cut to the denim jacket beautifully embellished). Thank you so much for your lovely comments and feature, love the styling, you have so many facets you just need to believe in them jayne x

  3. Here, here Jayne.

    Exquisite purchase LL...I am drooling over them there corsages. Truly beautiful.x

  4. Love those corsages....I think I am going to have to put in an order too....would look fab on my grey French linen smock.
    Jayne is a talented girl indeed.
    Julie x

  5. Thanks girls, 'Know your limitations LL!' is now my mantra. What to do with all the crafting clobber that's the question?

    Julie, buy now to avoid disappointment I say.


  6. Thank you all for such lovely complimentary comments, I really do appreciate each and every one. jayne x