Saturday, 7 July 2012

Brace yourselves...

this is a serious request for help!

You might fall about laughing when I tell you where
I was given this...
wait for it...
Aqua Zumba.

Yes, ME and exercise.
Esher Williams I ain't!
I hear those of tender years cry!

I digress...
every week for weeks, months, years even...
this fellow water sprite has been telling me about a dress
she has that is nearly a hundred years old.
Well, after the initial excitement of thinking
maybe this week?
I had completely forgotten it, thinking it won't happen.
This Tuesday it did!
And out of a small pink carrier bag she produced this.
Well you could have knocked me down with a feather.
In my mind it was a Victorian, yards and yards of material
day dress.
Her parting killer words in the changing rooms were...
'I can't wait to hear what you do with it!'
Like NEXT TIME we meet - Tuesday!
I zumbared through the water, my mind more exercised than the flab.
'What the flipping 'eck am I going to do with it?'
I had to be hauled up from the bottom more than once (fib)
because there and then, the full horror of my pretend
artistical abilities hit home.
'Why me?'
The bubble filled air rising to the top demanded, 
as I floundered on the pool floor.

The next day I looked at it more closely to discover that the sides had been sewn together with black wool which I unpicked.
Progress at speed was being made...
then I hit the graffittied stone wall called 

Mr Chad like I hang on the wall
quietly wailing....

Now I am fully aware that I'm 'Billy No Mates'
(apart from those faithful friends who do comment)
when it comes to requests for advice and ideas on my blog.
However I'm prepared to grovel...
'What the flaming heck shall I do with it?'
 Can you help?


The good the bad and the ugly will be gratefully received.



  1. Thinking cap is firmly on although am on way to the hairdressers. Get back to you later. jx

  2. if it is a genuine 20s flapper dress (the top looks right but can't quite make out the skirt) and the fabric backing the sequins (which look to be celluloid?) hasn't shattered, its worth quite a lot of me if you want to send closer pics

  3. In my humble dear LL, you can't 'do' anything with this little beauty, other than hang it on a wall and enjoy it. Old or not it is too good to be cut up. xxx

  4. Viv, dear heart, I couldn't agree more! Where to go from here that's the problem?

    Close-ups on their way, although I think you'll need funny green and red specs to focus!

    Thanks girls,


  5. I have to agree with Viv, I have a rule that if something is damaged or torn i.e. lace/tablecloth/nightie etc I can cut it up, if it is pristine condition I can't. It is a big responsibility when someone gives you something as well. Sorry I'm not much help! jayne x

  6. This is all but in kit form, just held together at the shoulders; and even they look decided dodgy.
    When I went to photgraph it for 'Ted and Bunny' it seemed to have lose the will to shimmy. Know the feeling some mornings.


  7. So what does your fellow water sprite want you to do/make from it? Something to wear, something to use?
    Does she want it cut into?
    Like the other replies I would feel reluctant to cut something so old and beautiful(love the colour). However, if it is just going to be folded up and unlovingly put back into a drawer or cupboard then make something that can be seen and showed off! How about cushions for her bed, they wont be sat against and the fabric can continue looking beautiful.
    Sorry to hear you feel like giving up the crafting and making. Was all that foot stomping, hair pulling and swearing for nothing?? Shame.....wish you'd come back and sew with me.

  8. Oooooh! What to do next for the best? Thanks for all your thoughts girls. On closer inspection the net is losing the will to live. However... say I do line it (Me, no chance!) just genteelly perching on a chair would cause the sequins to scatter as if in an A E Housman poem.

    Got a horrid feeling the dress might be as you say Debs folded up and packed away, which would be a shame.

    Me back at sewing class, causing chaos doing three laps of the ceiling when I have to unpick my mistakes. Oh alright, when my next madcape caper surfaces!?!