Sunday, 15 July 2012

Polishing my Aspidistra...

I got to thinking...
Am I missing a trick here?

Fifty Shades of Grey - isn't that what I see in the mirror every morning?

Mumsnet - Hair Net?

S & M - Marks and Spencer backwards?

Rubber Wear - Wellies?

 Paddles -  Don't they come with a canoe?

Jiggle Balls - Yes I've got a pair,  
I use them in the washing machine instead of powder.

Riding crops - I'm all for young gels getting outside,
enjoying the fresh air. 
An outride what could be better?
Although I draw the line, when behind a horse box creeping along at 24 mph,
being driven by a slip of a lass.

Why is it that every generation thinks it is the first to discover


Smiling I mount my trusty steed and ride into the sunset.



  1. makes me wonder if you have read it though! You seem to know about the content....
    I haven't read, or even purchased, it yet. Can't see it's going to be any more naughtier or sexier than some of the 'Black lace' series that have been available for years - or any of the stuff that was passed around in college.
    But then, I suppose the younger lot don't think we 'do it' do they? (mind you I don't at the moment - on-one to do 'it' with and I've forgotten how..........mmmm...maybe I should read 50 shades!!!)

  2. Hmm...
    Young people and S.E.X.
    My four sons were always so open with me - about everything.
    Age 6 "I know it's hard having babies Mum, but what the MAN has to do - yuk!"
    Early teens - I'm ashamed to say I tidied up the naughty mags they left on the floor, once even answering the door to the postman with a stack of them under my arm!
    By age 16 or so little notices appeared on their bedroom doors - "Please knock - I have a guest tonight!"
    It's only now that they're grown up that IT has become taboo, especially if I mention it.

  3. We looked at our parents the way our kids look at us. Their turn will come to be viewed in the same way by theirs!

    Four sons Nilly I'm impressed, I called it a day at one!