Thursday, 19 July 2012

Laughing Cavalier...

chuckle no more...
and the reason is...
I've found a new love.
Yes, yes, some may say how fickle I am
and I'd have to agree!
However (that word again) without anything to do, 
I don't mind admitting I was lost.
*The Laughing Cavalier morphed into the Mona Lisa
as his broad grin took on more of a grim expression.
Unloved he languished in the crafting cupboard thinking that 
one day, just one day he might eventually be made into a tapestry wall hanging.
Or better still, a cushion where his smile would get broader as nubile young wenches
(well me actually) would cosy up to him on the sofa.

*The painting by numbers set grows ever more morose and
dried up with angst when along with the L.C. they realise that there is a new kid on the block.
Let me present my newest crafting love from
the ever talented Ms Viv Hensteeth.

At last I can get crafting cracking again!

These instructions arrived this morning in the post
and jolly good they look too!

I will naturally give you a blow by blow account of my progress.
Oh and by the way, you know I've always said 
I always tell the truth on my blog...
Well these two - ** are fibs!  
More like Laughing Caveliar -Sorry!
They were just included to help the flow of the tale, 
if you get my gist?

Reports & photo's are to follow...
'Now where did I put my felt?'


  1. Oh so pretty. Have fun with your new project.
    Lisa x

  2. I find that little corsage very inspiring too, though I lay down my needle quite a while ago.

  3. you lied?
    in print?
    to us all?
    there IS no Laughing Cavalier painting by numbers?
    my, you know how to shatter a girls dreams don't you with no thought for the consequences, AND have the frivolity to make a literary pun while you're doing it.
    Laughing Cavaliar huh.
    I was just about to believe my non-artistic talent would be at the cutting edge of fashion as a craze for painting by numbers was revived worldwide, and its back to the plain old tracing paper...

  4. This is what I love about blogging, finding folk on the same wave length WITHOUT the polite conversation re. the weather and stuff, before you get down to the nitty-gritty of what it is that makes us all tick (and chuckle). Thinks... Come on girls let's cut through the crud. Thank you for your comments, they sure make me smile.


  5. Told you you would crack, just took a bit longer than anticipated!! Hanging up your crafty apron may that have been one of those little fibs of yours?