Friday, 6 July 2012

I blog therefore I am...

A snapshot of our day...
Ted's out leaving two bitches in charge...
Lettice and Lindy Lou.

All in the old homestead is shrew slumberingly quiet.
The tennis is on, the sound is off.
The sun is out, the sun is in...

grey clouds gather like geese at a wake.
The great British weather at its best

On the way back from taking Hubs to the station I called in to
Waitrose for home-alone treats for little Cinderella (her) and ugly sister (me)
Organic bickies for Cinders,
Bubbles* and Wotsits for Drizella
aka as Grizella
cos that's what she does, if her demands aren't met.

Feeling sorry for myself I bought a bunch of pom pom pink
peonies, the size of candy floss on a stick 

The major decision now is one of timing...
Should I down a flute or two now (4 pm-ish) leaving lots of hours
for the bod to process the alcohol;
before I roar off in my Mercedes (alright, it's the souped up 600cc sort;
more commonly known as Smart with scratch black go-faster body work)
to scoop up the remains of the man about town?

Or the preferred option to be on the safe side -
have the bubbles in the form of water.

Tricky I know!

When Ted gets home we'll endeavour to look crest fallen and down.
Tummies grumbling through lack of sustenance.
Conveniently forgetting to tell him of the 
Greek salad luncheon
Organic muffins spread with local honey for tea
A little light supper of
Crab salad with new potatoes breast stroking through
a becalmed butter sea.

'How's the diet been today darling?'

I'll smile winsomely!

*  Cava these days due to the economic climate and helping out our mate George
    (Ossie to his friends.)


  1. Wotsits, cava, crab, honey, greek salad, you have dined well today. Hope you enjoyed it all!
    Lisa x

  2. chammy at 4?
    we were obviously twins separated at birth!

    ps someone once said to me that hornets were the Repo Men of the insect world and I thought it a perfectly apt description.
    I had one snoozing in a sweater when I put it on and got stung in the neck, just off to read your exploits

  3. Dishing up my solitary supper at 7 pm the phone rang... Hubs ready to return! The dog had been horribly sick and after my afternoon tea muffin, greed had been brought to heel. So the crab was shared with Lettice, the remainder served in a 'pictures on a plate manner' i.e. a smear of this, a soupcon of that and the merest sensation of the other. All was good in the world.

    Twins separated at birth? Nobody would own up to even a passing acquaintance, let alone a shared gene pool. Nice idea though, I'd love a sister.


  4. If only we were neighbours.

  5. Another gem from you Linda, thats the sort of day I would do left to my own devices lots of foodie treats with the addition of lots of sweeties. jayne x