Saturday, 31 December 2011

Up the resolution!

1.      I'm not making any

2.      With tummy muscles as taut as the strings on a ukulele...
I'm sticking to the diet

3.      Now I'm a lapsed Kitsch and Stitch organiser, I intend to stare vacantly into space...
allowing my creative juices to flow free

4.      As my commissions for the customisation of ageing denim picks up a pace...
I intend to fulfil my order book, then shamelessly tout for more

5.      I really will spill the beans on my experiences on Masterchef,
the unexpurgated version an'all...
are you ready for it one idly wonders?

6.      My poetry gene is trying to break out...
I will at all costs endeavour to keep it in

7.      ditto my autobiography brain cell... 
there's only so much self-flagellation a girl can take...
or should that read flatulation?

8.      Every bone in my old bod cries out for me not to invite any more folk around for...

9.     Have the directions to the nearest Macky D permanently pinned on the fridge

10.      Father Christmas gave me a 
'Research Your Family History' Made Easy Book.
This should keep me quiet for at least six months...Why?
I find it hard enough finding my car keys let alone centuries long lost relatives  

11.      New multi-bladed finger felting tool...
'must get to the wool rovings lurking in the deep, deeper, deepest recesses of my 
Witch and the Wardrobe ever expanding closet!'
Before the greedy munching moths get there first.

12.      Typing this year in large can't ignore instructions for next years...
Christmas - What not to buy list...       
and making flaming sure I stick to it, to the blooming
are there self help groups I wonder?

13.      As good a place as any to stop I suppose

14.      A Happy New Year to my 25 followers...
just can't seem to get above 25...
must be a magical number for me...
probably cos that's how old I think I still am!

Toodle pip...
not too many bubbles now!



  1. Hope you have craked oppen the bubbly and the Wotsits for NYE.
    Happy 2012 Linda, hope it's a fabulous one.
    Lisa x

  2. Thanks Lisa, how did you guess I'm already on my second glass! The wotsits have been kicked into touch, courtesy of a very unflattering photo of yours truly in a hammock with glass of the old grape juice and wotsits. The double, treble (and I'm not talking crochet here) chins were very much in evidence. So something had to go.

    Have a happy new year, stay chilled and enjoy!



  3. Happy New Year to you too!!!!!

    p.s. I just wanted to point out that you have your followers thingy way down at the very bottom of your blog so that no one can find it. By the time most people find it they will have forgotten what they were looking for....just sayin' :)

  4. Good point Mary Ann... there is only ONE problem - I don't know how to move it. As you will have probably guessed by now everybod I'm pretty clueless at this blogging carry-on.

    Have a good'un lassie,


  5. Sending you New Year Wishes for Health, Happiness, Success and creativity for 2012 xx

    You are sooooo crazy and I love it!

  6. Annie, you and me both kid! Pot calling the kettle black methinks?

    Keep well and HAPPY! LLX