Friday, 9 December 2011

I'm worried, seriously worried...

Am I in danger of becoming totally tasteful
in me old age?

After Hubs roared off down the drive
Don't get the wrong impression here guys...
it isn't some magnificent sweeping drive through our parkland to the front door.
It's a grotty steep unmade potholed  track.

I decided that a little light Christmas decoration was in order.

A friend was coming for luncheon, this seemed a good opportunity to out the tinsel.

Bot. in the air I rootled through the flotsam and jetsam of Christmases past.
Could I find what I wanted...
Could I heck as like!
I passed by, what in previous years I'd been proud to display...
the HUGE glass balls & hearts hung with such smug pride.
The clashing pink and red glass sweetie tree dec's.

Where had little Miss Tacky Toes gone?

In these days of Austerity Rules - Ok?
I was Okay!

In came the half a tree we'd harvested a few weeks ago, the Hydrangea blooms I'd nicked from a neighbour's garden.
A few old and faded balls, what more could a girl want? 

Ho Ho Ho!

All I need now is to clamber up on the roof and get me 
flashing Santa perched on the chimney illuminating the Weald in wonder.

And if I say it myself...
the job's a good un!



  1. Taste??? Isn't that something a gob does!!! lol! You are so bloody funny! xx

  2. This is all rather understated for the otherwise OTT LL! Not even a sprinkling of glitter on the snaffled hydrangeas? x