Sunday, 18 December 2011

You just know you are slipping into your dotage when...

elasticated trousers seem strangely, horribly appealing

going to bed on a Sunday afternoon - means 40 winks!

The word foundation means undergarments, not your latest self-build project.

Rigby and Peller holds you in a thrall

Zumba; isn't that located somewhere in your lower back?

'Vintage' - stuff you remember as a kid

Marks and Spencer's food dept draws you in... Nooo!

Your new Christmas outfit is a leisure two piece
(Yes, jim-jams)
And double and treble YES...
M & S AND elasticated.

Cath Kidson - isn't that someone you went to primary school with?

Emma Bridgewater?  I vaguely remember her from evening classes?

Jordan - isn't that the capital of ?

Eileen Fowler, Constance Spry, Mary Quant...
now you're talking.

Songs of Praise are a must on a Sunday afternoon...
at least you can turn the sound up without everyone thinking you're deaf.

'Poor dear, she seems to have found God!'
(not really surprising this close to the off)

Looking backwards

Planning holidays...
you think Saga

Family coming to visit...
all you think of is ...
the work!

Face lift...
Fork lift more like

an early night... means a good nights kip?

The only batteries you buy are for your flaming deaf aid

I could go on...
trouble is I've forgotten what it was I kicked off about?

Happy Days!



  1. Great post, LL! Don't forget to 'rest your eyes' while watching the tv!


  2. Bloody Hell, I ticked far to many of those! Have a wonderful Christmas and a fulfilling New Year in which all your hopes and dreams come true! love Annie xx

  3. That's so funny!
    And that advert, so awful, but I shall slip in a bar into the trolley nex time I shop!
    Lisa x

  4. This is all to worryingly familiar... and appropriate! As my alternative Christmas card from my old man said.. live it up.. your only middle aged once!

    Have a super Christmas and many happy days in 2012.
    Michele x

  5. Oops.. spelling not my forte today!
    Michele x