Friday, 16 December 2011

Doris says...

'Who would have thought when you watched
Masterchef last night that 19 years ago you got to the finals of

'Certainly not me Mum!'

What a programme...
If tears were the main ingredients...
we had a trolley-load here.

Things have certainly moved on since my appearance in 1992.
AND I will be the first to admit that I wouldn't even have got through the first round, let alone Monica and the skills test!

All three finalists were worthy of the title I thought.
 Although I wanted Claire to win, 
to me it was obvious Ash would walk away with the title.


This afternoon when I ironed the top I wore in he final.

Yes, you heard it right...

that's the white 'Cartoon' top on the left.

Yes that is me!  The years haven't been kind I'll admit!

The lady with the white bobby sox is the one who I will one day tell you about.
(Promise Maggie!) 

I got to thinking how thanks to Masterchef, My life changed.

And I didn't even win!

That's why I have absolutely no worries for Steve and Claire.

Happy Days.



  1. You are teasing us, spill the beans missus!
    Lisa x

  2. Happy memories for you, LL. The contestants of today have merely built on the skills and talents of previous contestants - they wouldn't be where they are today without your contribution 19 years ago.


  3. Thanks girls for your kind words. I PROMISE I will follow through with the next installment. LLX