Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Some 'old' year resolutions...

My first diary entry of this year...
across the top of week 19 - 25 December 
this is what I wrote...
'Last time I didn't take any notice of what not to buy...
so this year I'm only saying small portions of beautifully prepared food.
Might try turkey crown (What? I don't even like turkey), small pre-cooked ham (pre-cooked? I always enjoy cooking the ham). No pheasants or chicken.  Small portions of cheese.'

Every year I write more or less the same thing and yes you've guessed it...
Every cotton-picking year I don't take a blind bit of notice.

(I do hate that word because you always know there will be something unpalatable coming hard on its tail) this year I will try to follow my own advice.
Not least because having lost two stone and more still to lose. 
I don't intend to flaming foie gras my chances.

This Christmas as it's just the two of us I am preparing Beef Wellington
(alright I have ordered a whole fillet, but intend to make individual ones to freeze for unexpected visitors.)

I will cook a small-ish piece of gammon
(I always love the cold cuts with pickle etc on Boxing Day)

Having spent a happy life rooting around my friend's Kentish orchard,
full to pussy's bow with gently fermenting apples and crunchy acorns.  I know
 the whole leg of organic free range pork will be delish.
That will be served on WSD's arrival the day after Boxing Day.

I'm not a great pud person, although I may make Sticky Toffee pudding from the lovely Maggie's blog.

Cheese is my weakness, 
along with a slug of my home-made sloe gin or damson vodka.

That is the first of many old year resolutions I intend to share.
I'm hoping that way, I won't be tempted to, as of yore let them slip.


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