Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Who's the old dragon with her hands on her hips...

Yes, you've guessed it
it's me.
Is it any wonder I hate having my photograph taken.
The years haven't been kind to me...
Well I have packed a lot in.

These pictures are of my pitch @ Kitsch and Stitch
Other piccies of the fair can be found on

A taster of our third Kitsch and Stitch Fair,
which was a rip-roaring success.

 One of the two Marilyn bags I made for the fair.

Retro scales and a sweet little ted

A battle axe can never have too many rolling pins

Minnie Mouse shoes...
did I subconsciously price them too high
so that they could return home with me I wonder?

My dear pal Viv made me a bosomful of badges
this one I love - 'The Kitsch One'
if the cap fits tra la la!

Here's me...
cracking on about the price of cheese in Woolworths,
or some other pearl of wisdom!

Lettice has heard it all before...
she's bored so...
That's it Folks.

I can feel a sensible post coming on...
Masterchef Part Two.

And I ought to say now, 
that I wouldn't even get a toe in the door of the current programme.
So like all old dears, from now on, I'm definitely living in the past.

Toodle Pip!



  1. I think you look rather fab, actually - especially the one where you're waxing lyrical about something (either that or it was a 'hold-up'!).

    Your stall looks wonderful, Viv's brooches are gorgeous (and so appropriate!), but of course it is the last photo that steals this post! Sweet Lettice, she's got her "Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever!" face on!


  2. Hello darling, I have not been around for a while! You look bloody gorgeous missus!!! And Lettice is a real doll x

  3. You look great! So glad to read that the fair was another huge success.
    Lisa x