Thursday, 30 June 2011

I've got a new job...


As a barmaid that's what.

Now I know I've got the tackle for it, and yes they've been the bane of my life, however use them to your advantage LL.

So here goes...
those of you who sometimes read my blog will know, that you have no idea what's coming next?

I've decided to open a pub.
Yesterday saw me in Royal Tunbridge Wells, a beautiful spa town which I honestly think should be the County town of Kent, however that accolade goes to Maidstone.  A singularly uninspiring town if ever there was one.
I was off to get the vital supplies required by any self-respecting landlady.
Beer, not Pimms, nor yet Gin, or even whiskey.

Don't get me wrong, the clientele I was after attracting were decidedly down market.  The sort you would expect to see, no not sitting on a park bench but cowering underneath.

Yes you've guessed it...

I have pleasure in officially pronouncing this

Slug Pub - Open!

Watch this space...

I will return!


  1. we could open a chain, the pesky blighters are eating Everything! x

  2. as long as we don't call it 'The Slug and Lettuce'! LLX

  3. I just hope they don't stagger past my house in the early hours, shouting, fighting, and vomiting. I get enough of that with the local 'yoof' as it is!


  4. Guess what...there used to be a pub down the street from me called The Slug and Lettuce....LOL It was a great place to go to for lunch. I don't know why it closed because it was very popular.

  5. Those slugs don't stand a chance!
    Lisa x

  6. Be sure to peg your nose for disposal of :-)