Saturday, 25 June 2011

It is good growing weather and what am I doing..

I'm sat up here in my eyrie that's what!

The mercury blasting out of the top of the thermometer hasn't happened, although it is muggy. 

I should be out in the garden, planting up my slug deterrent plants, which after the half-time score of:-

Slugs - 5
LL    -  2 

sees me very dejected, just about to throw in the towel.

But wait!  I'm not going to let those slimy critters outwit me.
So quids poorer, I shoot home from the local garden centre armed with the second wave of attack.

Trouble is I've lost the fire in my belly and can't really be bothered to engage in another all- out assault.  
'Wouldn't it be better LL, to lay down and act dead or tie a white hankie on a stick and
Bloody GIVE IN?'

'No it blooming wouldn't, even though I am having difficulty drawing on my well over-drawn reserves!'

Hubs is up at our local fete, pretending to be a bobby on point duty (car park attendant to you and me).

I've shot up the hill, blown all spending money, tottered back with booty, quite spent in every which way.

And now the thought crosses my mind -
'What to do for the best!'
'I'm bored!'
A refrain that often echoes around the Weald of Kent.
Because as regular readers of my blog will know I'm an ageing
Violet Elizabeth.


  1. Not quite the heatwave we were promised, eh?! Maybe tomorrow.......

    I can hear the slugs laughing from here :o)


  2. I did see Hugh F W. make slug fritters and kebabs the other night - just a thought.....
    If we do have our heatwave tomorrow maybe you could pick them from the garden ready fried!

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  4. I've heard people rave about this - and it is totally organic - so it won't affect the flavour of the slug fritters ;)

  5. Hi Bathing Belle, Aah I thought at last something I haven't tried so I shot over to this http thingy, thinking quite wrongly that there must have been a misprint in the address (that's the sort of doubting Thomas I am!). No - Wrong again LL! Getting VERY excited by now; at last something organically new to kill the critters. Disappointment filled the air when I discovered that is was Nemaslug! Tried it already, and for me on a couple of occasions it didn't work, not much effect of the slugs either!

    So I'll post today my other not very original attack strategy. Thanks for the thought anyway. LLX