Monday, 13 June 2011

These boots are made for walking...

or are they?

Regular readers will know that I have a bit of a problem around material.
I buy, hoard, cosset, stroke and sniff it, but very rarely USE IT!
This carry-on I decided has to change.
The shoe material I've had quite a long while; I've taken it to my sewing class to ask their opinion as to how best to use it, returning home only to stuff it back in the cupboard where it stays until the next time I've felt the need for a fabric fix.

Today I awoke with a spring in my step, I've sorted the many and various emails for 
I've got me drawers on the line; organised the blooming curtain material for my skirmish in class tomorrow (yes regrettably  Debs was right in her comment on my last post, I am the pupil from Hell).

This is what I've made for my stall at our next K & S on 3rd September (never one to miss a chance to get the message across!)  I've been mulling over the most economical way to use this wonderful material and here is my solution.  I carefully cut out the two pairs of slippers and appliqued them to this wonderful cream linen fabric.

I'm pleased with the result...
there is one small problem...
not many folk get where I'm coming from with my sewing projects...
Do you I wonder? 



  1. Hurrah, you have used the shoe material! Those shoes look so real and the colours are gorgeous.

    (Sorry to hear it rained for you at the Wealden Times Fair - we were lucky in dodging the showers. It's not quite the same in the rain, is it?)