Monday, 27 June 2011

Am I missing something here...

because whenever I post a blog with an element of contention, nobody comes back at me.

I perhaps wrongly thought that blogging was a means to air ideas, hopes and dreams.
Not just to agree and slap each other on the back, wallowing in how wonderful we all are!

I know I should have learnt from a slapped wrist I got, leaving a light hearted comment on a blog which didn't go down at all well.  Was it because I hadn't been one of the many and various adoring followers, saying absolutely NOTHING, just how wonderful that person was?

If you look back through my blog you will see I don't always do gooey-wooey.  Sometimes I'll post something, then get cold feet and spike it.  I do in the main, try to be brave and stick with my original thoughts.  Isn't this what blogging is all about?  Letting your thoughts float free, getting dialogue going.

I've always said I'm doing this for me and I am.

I feel better now for that, so I'm off over to my 'studio'.



  1. Blogging is a bloody lonley place in the first year - stick with it and use it to entertain yourself!

    I love your style of blogging, you are great fun darling!

  2. Hi Linda , Last week I thought of giving up blogging, it all seemed so pointless at the time, It was a bad week. You post, people comment, yar de yar....but I do enjoy it, it helps my business also, I try to be honest to a point, but with so many people with so many thoughts it is impossible to please everyone, I no longer try, what people wish to comment is up to them. But really I feel it is always best to be kind, It is so very easy to offend. I will carry on blogging for me. Not for the amount of followers I have. I read your last post, for me it is not really a case of looking back so much as reusing, recycling, making use of what we have, we already have so much going into landfill. I am passionate about the earth and nature and we produce so much waste. I agree new talent is essential and I support it wholeheartedly, I think there is room for both.
    Maybe we are all seeking times gone by for the simplicity of it, we do seem to live such complicated busy lives now, full of facebook, blogging, email, web, mobile phones, televisions. Sometimes I wish I had the will power to switch the whole lot of and just get on with living! There you did ask.......

  3. Thank you for your comments girls. Don't get me wrong, I do love the simplicity of yore, the innocence and yes reworking, recycling, upcycling, call it what you will. How much better than some poor devil in the third world being paid a pittance for us to have every gadget, gismo and gear we didn't know we needed. I think the point I was making was, as we all know life isn't a bed of roses and looking back with rose-tinted specs. is somehow giving the past a glamour that it didn't have. And more to the point we are missing out on today. I try to get something positive out of everyday even the crap ones, because luckily I'm blessed with a glass half full mentality. Champagne obviously!

    Annie, your daughters fair sounds a hoot, take it from me you've done all you can to make it a success AND SOME!

    Sophie, don't give up blogging I love reading your blogs and marvel at what wonderful things you buy and make.

    And yes, I am doing this for myself, mainly cos I'm too idle to write a diary. All love, dear pals, LLX

  4. Hi Linda you definately have a point, we all read each others blogs and console and congratulate each other but very rarely criticise (have I spelt that right?). I think when you follow someone you tend to get to know them and I know I don't like to offend people I know!! I found it hard to start with, feeling I had to edit what I wrote about on my blog but now I'm passed caring it's my blog and I'll write what I like about what I want and if people don't like it they can blog off lol.
    Stick with it
    Big Hugs
    Pene x

  5. Pene, thanks, a girl after my own heart. we're doing it for ourselves. LLX

  6. I did read your post but couldn't really think of anything to say either in agreement or disagreement. I read it as a statement of your opinion and as I didn't have anything to say then I didn't just chunter on for the sake of it.

    I don't expect everyone to comment on every post I write, and don't take it to heart if I don't get gazillions of comments although I have to admit it's lovely to get a response.

    So please, don't take it personally if I don't comment on a post, and Carry on Blogging!


  7. Perish the thought Joanna that we should all feel guilty if we don't comment on each and every blog we follow. I certainly don't take it personally, as I've said before I like to be a bit hand grenadey. Throw things into the mix then bob behind the sofa and wait for the blooming thing to explode. I feel a bit cheated if nothing happens, that's all! Plus not being the worlds best housewife, the dust and cobwebs make me sneeze. LLX

  8. I once left a very innocent comment on a blog that I did not "follow" and the blog owner was quite nasty to me. I was so shocked I went back and deleted my comment. Just recently I added myself on to a blog as a follower. The blog owner came back to me and said thank you but she didn't think I would be interested in what she blogged about because she had looked at my blog and we had nothing in common with each other...LOL She suggested that maybe I should follower her sister's blog instead as she liked to sew. Too funny. The way I look at it is that it's your blog and you can put whatever you want to put and if people don't like it...tough:)

  9. Morning Mary Ann, it beggers belief that some bod. should decide you weren't the right kind of follower for her blog! I've heard it all now! Thank you for commenting. I love your mice, think I might become a follower - if of course you'll have me? LLX

  10. Greetings from Southern California

    I am your newest follower.

    I invite you to visit and follow TOGB.

    God Bless and Have a Nice Day :-)

    BTW, no gooey-wooey at TOGB :-)

  11. Hello Lettice...Good grief....I would never in my right mind turn you away as a follower:) The more the merrier I say. I have become a follower of your blog finally. I tried a few times before but nasty Blogger wouldn't let me.