Saturday, 18 June 2011

A crafty post - as I seem to have...

turned off my many page viewers with talk of slug baiting.

At this rate I'll have the Slug Appreciation Society headed by that poo-fancier
Chris Packham on my case and that just wouldn't do!

So I've decided to be very refined and act my age.

Those that know me will testify, that I see the world from a different perspective to my contemporaries.

At sewing class a couple of weeks ago a fellow pupil was just about to throw these tapestry pieces away.  I couldn't bear to think of all the hours sewn into the strips being discarded, so I snaffled them.  Back at the ranch I looked at them and thought perhaps I've bitten off more than I can chew here.  Then inspiration struck - I'll make a cushion.  Over the years I've battled with tapestry and am the proud owner of three cushions which have taken me decades to complete.

Now I know it won't be to everyone's taste, however it fits my roughty-toughty style and in these days of thrift it sort of chimes with the current times.

I've added some Viv style embroidery (not a patch on her stylish stitches I hasten to add!)
and my other particular thifting fave - selvages.  Nothing gets wasted in this house (you want to see what I did with last night's harvest of slugs - No LL you weren't going to mention those four letter word little critters?)

In class I will finish it off with zip and pad, showing it off all the while to Theresa, who I'm sure wouldn't want this Salvador Dali type cushion darkening her door.  If she does I'll charge her 20 quid for this once in a lifetime never to be repeated (Thank goodness for that I hear you all cry!) offer of buying back her old cast-offs.

Now down to more serious business.

Kitsch and Stitch

The flyers arrived from the printers yesterday and very good they are -
biased being that I am!

I am now in the process of sending them out to all our exhibitors, a list of which will be on our blog any day soon.

Keep the date free in your diaries girls -

3 September 2011
The Vestry Hall
TN17 3HA
10am - 3pm

The sale of coffee, teas and homemade cakes will be available all day, served by the lovely ladies from Hospice in the Weald.
All proceeds to the Hospice obviously.

This last photo is of me and my lovely mum, who died 40 years ago this year.
And do you know I still miss her.  

I remember the Saturday morning nearly 60 years ago so well.  The blue dress with anchors and a sailor collar. The clear straws bought especially for the occasion of a photographer friend of my father's, coming to take a pictorial record of our family life.
You will see that the photo of me with the orange box pram on the side bar is the same day.  This wonderful pram was made for me by my very eccentric grandfather.

Is it any wonder I'm not your normal old girl, I ask you?


  1. I shall look forward to seeing your new make. Are you sure that it is only a zip you want to fasten it with - it's a bit umm - normal isn't it?

  2. What a lovely photo of you and your Mum.

    The 3rd of September is on my calendar, see you there!


  3. Looking forward to seeing the finsihed article, you are so very creative.
    Lovely photo of you and your mum.
    Lisa x

  4. Lol! You always make me chuckle! The cushion is gorgeous, i love your style!

    The photo of you and your mum is beautiful, it must be hard even after so long xxx