Friday, 10 June 2011

Today's the very 1st day I'm pleased I have a LARGE bosom...


Because my shipping order from the lovely Viv at hens teeth has arrived.

 HUGE roll of drums please...

for my double D's emblazoned with Viv's wonderful creations.
Aren't they just amazing - 
the BLOOMING badges Silly!

All customised to my very specific requirements:-

The Kitsch one
Kitsch & Stitch
All the fun of the Fair
Peter Prim

What a girl!

If you only get one thing in blogland - buy it from Viv...
You will not be disappointed.

AND another thing - 

Alan Bennett had better watch out cos his top spot for my affections is seriously threatened by Viv's 'suavey-do' Peter Prim Esquire - 
cop a load of this -
isn't he just adorable with his wonky button heart?

There's only one small problem - 

He has a wife and two kids!

Unlike my unrequited pash for A.B.
I will at the very least be able to have P.P.
pinned close to my heaving heart.



  1. Now people will have a whole new reason for staring at your bosom! You lucky lucky girl getting all those lovelies from Viv. They are ALL gorgeous. I really don't think you'll have much competition from Peter's wife, she is clearly rather lacking in the bosom department (as am I) and Peter needs to rest his weary head somewhere!

    I like how Lettice just managed to get in the picture.


  2. Viv's creations are wonderful. Lucky you for having so many!
    Us DD girls should stand proud!
    Lisa xx

  3. Thought you were going to anounce that you are the new Jordan for a minute! lol!

    What amazing brooches, they look divine on your bussom!