Sunday, 26 June 2011

Sitting in the dappled shade of the magnolia tree...

I got to thinking...
Is it only me, that thinks that these days of retro, vintage and navel gazing of yore is...

For yonks I've been saying that looking fondly backwards, will have its day.

The demise of Habitat has made me brave enough to voice these opinions here.

I know I am of the age that remembers the 'Aaaah stuff' first time round and yes even in me there is an element of romantic fondness.

However let's get a grip here...
celebrate today, look forward, encourage today's young designers, live in the present.

This constantly looking back is an old persons' trick.  Don't do it!

If you do, you are in danger of missing out on all the good things that are of the NOW.

All this misty-eyed love of the faded and worn doesn't seem to apply to the ageing process that catches up with all of us.
Please I beg you to look at the laughter-lines, wrinkles, saggy bits with the same affection you look at an old eiderdown.



  1. I think I'd have to disagree here, my ol' pal!
    Very many young designers look to the past for inspiration and sources of reference when designing textiles - look at Sanderson's fab new collection of mid-century modern fabrics; clothes (what innovative attire would you like to be seen wearing?); home accessories - look at Orla Keily's new kitchen china - definitely a homage to the seventies in shape and pattern, but it is also vibrant and refreshingly brought into the 21st century.
    New designers are also recycling and reusing furniture - such as Zoe Murphy, who recycles mid century pieces updating them with modern materials, textures and colours. Furniture I grew up with - but I'd love one of her sideboards!
    Personally I love the feel of vintage fabrics, linens and lace - the faded florals, the ditsy prints; the fact that someone lovingly embroidered the table cloth (or not, if they had some witch of a sewing teacher!!) Rather than see these thrown away as land fill or stuffed in a drawer I choose to remake them into items that can be useful again.
    Anyway if you are right - we need to get our thinking caps on to come up with a new image for our fairs!!

  2. Tell it like it is Debs!

    Good on you lassie at least you've had the balls (wool obviously) to come back at me. I hate to say it, but I do grudgingly agree. Trouble is things are cycliical and I don't want us all to be caught on the hop! Every dog has his day and all that. LLX